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How to Drive Actual Sales with Social Media

If you are avoiding social media or have no idea how to use it, don’t get overwhelmed.

Social media is rooted in the fundamentals of communication that have been around for decades.

Learn how to use social media to drive actual sales.

How to Turn Customer Churn Into Customer Upgrades

Customer success teams are built to serve and sales teams are built to sell.

Instead of being at odds with one another, align them in a way to create a dream team.

Learn how to maximize the relationship between the two to avoid customer churn.

4 Attributes of a Successful (But Still Likeable) Leader

So much of being a leader is about how you treat people.

As valuable, or as commodities; as knowledgeable, or as nobodies. Your view completely colors the way you do business.

In this episode Nifer Sims, Head of HeyNifer Digital Marketing, eloquently shares the relationship between your view of people and your business success.

3 Steps to Building a Referral-Based Business

When people talk about your brand, what do they say?

From customers to competitors, open communication and a high quality of service are the common threads to igniting positive referrals.

Learn these three steps to building a referral-based business.

How to Lead the Unspoken Sales Conversation Between You and Your Customer

In any sales conversation, there are two conversations happening: one between the seller and the buyer, and one between the buyer’s ears.

Truth is, most salespeople are focusing on the wrong conversation.

Learn how to sell to the point using this strategy.

How Authenticity Can Impact Your Prospects, Customers, & Sales Team

Stop being salespeople, and start being humans.

If your product isn’t going to help a prospect, be honest and do what’s in their best interest.

Learn how this level of authenticity impacts your prospects, customers, and sales team.

How to Turn Your Sales Team into a Dream Team

Prospects are more informed than ever, and B2B sales reps often struggle to add value in sales conversations.

Effective strategies for sales training and coaching can make sales reps better at engaging buyers, and help reps close more deals.

Learn how to turn things around by turning your sales team into a dream team.

When Should the CEO Get Involved in the Sales Process?

Being intimately connected with your product and sales process is a necessity, and CEOs are not excused from this truth.

Learn how being fully integrated leads to success.

How to Stay Passionate About What You’re Selling

The passion your team feels internally comes through to your buyer.

The more you tie your product to the ways you help people, the more you’ll foster genuine passion and excitement.

Learn how to inspire and retain passionate amongst your team.

How to Hack Sales at the Top of the Funnel

With the amount of tools, tricks, and softwares available, old school methods like “spray and pray” are a thing of the past.

There are tools that equip you to connect with leads in the exact moment they open your email, or tactics to understand a lead’s preferred tone in order to customize your approach.

Learn these practical sales hacks to make you the ultimate master of top of funnel outreach.

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