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How to Optimize Your Sales Process Using Customer Success

Customer success sounds pretty valuable, doesn’t it? Yet, the idea of improving customer success can seem rather vague. How do you absorb it into the DNA of your sales process?

We had a recent interview with Lincoln Murphy that gave us the answer.

So let’s break it down.

3 Reasons Church Planters Don’t Have Friends

You could always be doing more as a church planter. And the toughest part? They’re all good things you could be doing.

In this episode, Ricky Jones from RiverOaks Presbyterian Church in Tulsa, OK explains why friendship is so vital to ministry, yet so low on pastors’ priority lists.

2 Ways to Position Your Sales Team as Trusted Advisors

The foundation of every great relationship you have in your life is trust. Sales is really no different. For sales teams to be more consultative, strategic, and valuable, they need to become trusted advisors.

So how do you build a team of trusted advisors?

In our interview with Anthony Iannarino, the mind behind, we learned that the answer is to break that phrase down into its two parts: trust and advice, in that order.

3 No-No’s of Fundraising

There’s a good chance that you love everything about being a church planter—except fundraising.

Casey is a lead pastor who’s been there, made the mistakes, and learned a ton about how to do fundraising right.

Listen in to hear what to do—and not do—in your fundraising.

Creative Ways to Grow While Bootstrapping a Startup

Starting out your business on a shoestring budget?

It might not seem desirable, but bootstrapping your startup can yield positive results in the long run.

But how do you grow your startup while bootstrapping? Thankfully, there are options, and we narrowed it down to six of the most useful solutions.

Defining and Defending the Vision for Your Church Plant

Establishing a vision is the primary task of the church planter.

Brian Bowman from Valley Life Church in Phoenix shares a lot of wisdom on how to define, and then defend, your vision.

3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy More Sales Tools

It’s really easy to fall into “new toy” syndrome when it comes to buying sales tools.

Hampus Jakobsson, founder of, shares his 3-part checklist that every sales team should use before they buy their next sales tool.

Do You Need to Use a Network to Plant a Church

“Cold planting” is planting a church without a sending network or partner church.

For Fathom Church in Littleton, CO, it worked. But would they recommend it to any new church planter?

Chris Martin, pastor at Fathom Church, answers that question in this episode.

3 Simple Ways To Double Your Customer Referrals

It’s easy to overlook your current customers as sources of new business. But you don’t want to make that mistake.

Luckily, we learned a ton about B2B referrals recently when we interviewed Donald Kelly, founder of The Sales Evangelist about customer referrals. He’s full of wisdom on how to grow your business, get your clients to give you referrals, and do it all without sacrificing your dignity in the process.

We came away with three simple things you can do to double your customer referrals.

Finding the Right Roles for Your Church Planting Team

Sure, you have to do a lot of things you’re not great at when you plant a church, but if you have the right team, your giftings should complement each other.

Listen in to hear Matt Patrick from The Well in Boulder, CO talk about how having a team is both harder and easier—and ultimately better—than going it alone.

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