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How to Delegate Without Dumping

It’s one thing to give someone a responsibility at your church, and another to equip them to do it.

Hear how Kevin Campbell and the other pastors at Elevate Church in San Diego use a unique volunteer system to raise up a “dream team” of servants.

The Crucial Shift That Needs to Happen in Sales

Sales has become so impersonal that people are automatically filtering messages into their mental graveyard.

A drastic shift needs to happen if salespeople are going to connect with their potential customers.

Aaron Frazin, Founder of Charlie App, shares with us why salespeople need to slow down and how they can personalize their sales process.

3 Insightful Ways to Be More People-Focused In Sales

Managing a sales team takes a lot of grit.

Having a people-focused mentality will help better steer any salesperson or manager through their workday.

In this episode, Richard Harris shares three insightful ways to be more people-focused in sales.

One Church Planter’s Acts 29 Story

Brad Borowski has been lead pastor of D3 Church in Winnemucca, NV for a year and a half, but the church officially joined the Acts 29 network only within the last few weeks of this recording.

Listen in to hear Brad talk about what that long A29 assessment process was like—and why his church wouldn’t have made it without help from larger organizations.

How do You Market in a New Industry?

Trust is the cornerstone to growing a successful company.

Establishing that trust can be difficult journey, especially in a new industry.

Here are 3 proven methods they’ve used to grow trust in the up-and-coming cannabis industry.

The Top Three Sales Problems of 2016

Richard Harris has been training salespeople for a long time. Harris sees the same sales problems come up again and again, especially in early stage SaaS companies.

You’re probably guilty of all of them. Check them out here.

How to Turn Referrals Into Introductions

Here’s the truth: unless you get introduced to those new prospects, what good are referrals?

Here is some great perspective on how to actually land introductions—and how to build a culture around landing them.

MozCon: An Online Marketer’s Dream

In this episode, James speaks with Erica McGillivray from MozCon.

While intermediate to Advanced SEO is her conference’s specialty, attendees will get so much more out of it, as you’ll hear.

6 Steps to Social Selling with Gabe Villamizar

Business owners in the SaaS space know they need to implement social selling into their sales strategy. But it’s really tough to measure its ROI.

So Gabe Villamizar, Social Selling Director at HireVue, came up with a 6-step process that he shared with us. Find out how to create a winning social selling process and measure how successful it is.

A 4-Step Process That Turns Your SDRs Into Appointment-Setting Machines

When your SDRs are winning, the whole organization wins.

In this episode Sheldon Lewis, VP of Business Development for PayLease, shares 4 ways to ripen your prospect lists—so all your SDRs have to do is pick the names off and take a bite.

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