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Developing Leaders Throughout the Church

For most pastors, growth is more steady than explosive, and your preaching is good, but not podcastable. But even if you don’t have those things, your ministry can still have a lot of life if you will lean into developing leaders. Your leadership development plan should roll off your brain as clearly as your next…

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Learn From Successful Entrepreneurs Every Single Day

John Lee Dumas’ podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, started the way most successful businesses start: he saw a void in the market, and he decided to fill it himself. He wanted a podcast with great business content, and he wanted it seven days a week. So he made it happen. Now, he’s done over 1,300 episodes.…

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How To Create A Sales Funnel Inside LinkedIn

If you’re using your LinkedIn profile as an online resume, we need to talk.

Your LinkedIn profile should be an active platform that boosts your sales funnel.

In this episode, learn how you can utilize LinkedIn to it’s fullest potential.

Why Your Value Prop is Probably Terrible

These days people want to know specifically what value you’re bringing to the table.

Having a vague value prop will only frustrate and confuse potential customers.

Learn the importance and application of a well-defined value prop.

Where to Go to Harness the Power of Data Analytics

Data analytics has exploded as a business topic. Why? Because it’s so incredibly informative. Today’s guest is Marni Edelhart, Programming Manager for the Direct Marketing Association. In this episode, she explains the Marketing Analytics Conference, a conference meant for data scientists looking to understand the challenges brands are facing, and for marketing executives who want…

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What is Account-Based Intelligence?

Data is the core of any organization, and forming intelligence around that data sets the organization up for success.

This is known as account-based intelligence, and it’s changing the game of B2B sales.

Learn the importance of data when exploring the account-based model.

How to Position Your B2B Company So That Your Clients Can’t Live Without You

In order to win in sales, you have to meet a need, you just need to discover where you best fit into your customer’s business.

Learn how to become so ingrained in a client’s business that they can’t live without you.

Sales Pipeline Management: What 5.4 Million Sales Transactions Taught Us

Can you imagine how much valuable data you could pull from 5.4 million sales pipeline transactions?

Well, luckily for all of us, somebody did.

Learn about some staggering findings from an InsideSales pipeline management study.

3 Things You Need to Do When Transitioning From Founder to CEO

Every founder was once that raw entrepreneur trying to get the marketplace to pay attention to their idea.

Then, as success is reached, the founder typically transitions into a CEO role where building the team becomes more important than the individual tasks themselves.

Learn the three things you need to know to smoothly transition from founder to CEO.

The Reason Most B2B Companies Suck at Branding

B2B companies are so fearful to get creative with their branding that they stick to the basics like features and pricing, and completely pass over making an emotional connection with their audience.

Learn how you can use humor and novel ideas to make your B2B brand stand out.

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