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Building Church Teams and Investing in People

If the people at your church aren’t invested, they could care less whether it grows and flourishes. The question then is, How do make a clear path for them to get involved? Today’s guest is Shaun Nepstad, Founding Pastor of The Fellowship Church in Antioch, CA. In this episode, he tells the story of how…

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How to Structure a Sales Call

Before you ever touch a phone, learn everything you can about your sales prospect.

After interviewing Lonnie Sciambi (a.k.a. “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda”), we map out how to structure a sales call and maximize the effect of every word you speak.

Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs: You Won’t Wanna Miss This Resource

Bootstrapped entrepreneurs don’t always get the support they need.

In this episode, Mike talks about “leveling up” with every new business venture, how bookkeeping can double your business, and why you need to prepare for customer support from the very beginning.

The Damaging Effects of Planting “Cookie Cutter” Churches

Almost immediately after moving to Denver, Brandon Washington realized that a church that would thrive in Dallas—his former home—would not survive in his new city.

In planting The Embassy Church, Brandon learned to navigate the uniqueness of his church’s community.

He shares his thoughts in this episode.

Account-Based Marketing: 3 Elements You Need to Understand

Account-based marketing: defining your ideal customer (including current customers), then targeting your messaging around that ideal.

Click here to learn how to dissect the customers you’ve already won, align your content and messaging, and choose the right channels to find prospects online.

7 Steps to Break Through Any Sales Deadlock

When you face difficult sales challenges, what do you do?

Try harder? Work longer? How about, instead, assembling a cross-purpose team and attacking the problem together?

That’s the idea behind “Dealstorming.” Click here to learn more.

3 Online Strategies to Recruit Your Launch Team

One of a church planter’s nightmares is getting to the day of launch and doing everything themselves.

To avoid that nightmare, you need a team.

Listen in to hear Danny Schulz from Sun City Church in Spokane Valley, WA share the three most effective online strategies he used to recruit a launch team.

Stop Hatin’- How to Make Sales & Marketing Love Each Other

Marketing and sales usually operate independently, but they share the same basic goals.

We recently sat down with Karim Hafez, Director of Enterprise Sales for DoubleDutch, to talk about how to better align your company’s Sales & Marketing efforts. Click here to gain instant insight.

Everything You Need to Know About Church Staff Hiring

One of the biggest mistakes in church planting is hiring any warm body just because you need help.

In this episode you’ll hear Jim Essian, lead pastor at The Paradox Church in downtown Ft. Worth, tell you the first role you should hire and explain whether or not you should hire within your church.

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