The Moneyball Approach to Hiring Sales Development Reps

Everybody want SDRs who are intelligent and passionate about their industry.

Listen in as Sahil Mansuri, Vice President of Sales at SalesPredict, shares exactly how to go about hiring the perfect SDRs for your business.

Inside Sales Leaders: This Conference is for You

Bob Perkins is the founder of AA-ISP, an association that runs seven conferences dedicated to inside sales. Their flagship event is The Leadership Summit.

This year’s Leadership Summit is packed to the brim with valuable content—from sales development, to the advancement of women in leadership, to starting or growing an inside sales team.

Check out the show to hear the summit’s all-star guest lineup, too.

Where Should Prayer Fit Into Your Church Planting Schedule?

It’s easy for church planters to give their time to people who want to join their church—but it’s often so much harder to give that same time to God in prayer.

This episode’s guest is Josh Bueno from Winners Church in Sacramento. Hear Josh chronicle his prayer life and explain why God’s response to prayer is a lot like a phenomenon that farmers see every day.

The 5 E’s of Social Business

Today, customers are doing their own research, and if they want to speak to a sales rep, they will do so under their own influence.

Jon Ferrara, Founder of Nimble, shared with us a clear formula for being a trusted advisor in today’s business landscape—one that can work for your team, too. Learn more here.

The Sales Stack that Took from 0 to 2,000 Customers started selling in November of 2014. This month, they’re very close to signing their 2,000th account.

Now that’s phenomenal growth.

Mark Kosoglow is Outreach’s VP of Sales. He believes that you can achieve the same growth if you’re using the right sales stack. This post is based on an interview with him where he shares his secret to growth.

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile & Presence [Infographic]

This infographic was produced by

Building Church Teams and Investing in People

If the people at your church aren’t invested, they could care less whether it grows and flourishes. The question then is, How do make a clear path for them to get involved? Today’s guest is Shaun Nepstad, Founding Pastor of The Fellowship Church in Antioch, CA. In this episode, he tells the story of how…

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How to Structure a Sales Call

Before you ever touch a phone, learn everything you can about your sales prospect.

After interviewing Lonnie Sciambi (a.k.a. “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda”), we map out how to structure a sales call and maximize the effect of every word you speak.

Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs: You Won’t Wanna Miss This Resource

Bootstrapped entrepreneurs don’t always get the support they need.

In this episode, Mike talks about “leveling up” with every new business venture, how bookkeeping can double your business, and why you need to prepare for customer support from the very beginning.

The Damaging Effects of Planting “Cookie Cutter” Churches

Almost immediately after moving to Denver, Brandon Washington realized that a church that would thrive in Dallas—his former home—would not survive in his new city.

In planting The Embassy Church, Brandon learned to navigate the uniqueness of his church’s community.

He shares his thoughts in this episode.

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