The Cheapest & Easiest Graphic Design Solution [Podcast]

One of the toughest things about creating content is making it visually appealing. It takes skills that aren’t learned overnight and a trained eye to keep a tight constraint on your brands image.

James and Sean discuss a service that offers beautiful images made by professionals at a great price.

How to Get 2,000 Twitter Followers in One Month [Podcast]

Want to get more Twitter followers the most efficient way?

Getting a lot people to follow you on Twitter isn’t tough, but it can be extremely time consuming.

Sean and James talk about how Crowdfire can help grow your following with a tap of a finger and a little planning.

Answer Your Emails, Master Your To-Do List, and Stay Productive (5 Easy Tips to Help You Get Ahead and Stay There)

Are you a slave to your email inbox? Overwhelmed by never-ending to-do lists? Check out our 5 easy tips to help you get ahead and stay there.

Amazing Freelancers at a Fraction of the Price [Podcast]

What if I told you there was another reality. A reality where everything only cost five dollars. Voice-overs, Logo Design, Song Jingles, every gig only cost five dollars.

Join us to as we discuss Fiverr and see just how far down the rabbit hole goes.

4 Secrets to Strategically Pricing Your Product or Service

Strategic pricing is an important part of any business. Today we share four easy to implement ideas that are guaranteed to show great results.

Paying Contractors Just Got Way Easier [Podcast]

Paying people is one of those necessary evils in life, but it should never be a complicated process.

Today we review an app that allows you to pay your friends, contractors and even your ex all from your phone.

James and Sean review how to pay and get payed with Venmo.

How to Manage Your Entire Business With Google Drive [Podcast]

Automation, accessibility, syncing, sharing, and collaboration is the strength of cloud storage.

With so many online storage providers these days, finding the best one for your needs could be a problematic task.

Aside from sharing, editing, and commenting on documents, see how Google Drive allows many features unavailable with other apps.

daily entrepreneur habits

7 Daily Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Develop

Let’s face it, building a business is hard.

It can be overwhelming at times and leave you feeling unsure of what to do next. However, if you make these seven actions a part of your daily repertoire, you’ll stay at the top of your game and make the journey to success a little less stressful.

Everything You Need to Know About SEO (in one WordPress plugin)

SEO is actually the Latin word for “confusing, hard to understand internet rule system”! It certainly feels that way sometimes, but the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO is an amazing tool to get the basics down while keeping your sanity.

James and Sean review why its such an easy plugin to use and why its so important to focus on SEO.

promote your content

How to Promote Your Content Like a Boss

Promoting your content doesn’t have to be a time consuming task.

The numerous social platforms and millions of bloggers to reach out to can seem daunting, but strong content marketing can be broken down into just three parts: influencer outreach, social media posting, and third party sharing.

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