3 Online Strategies to Recruit Your Launch Team

One of a church planter’s nightmares is getting to the day of launch and doing everything themselves.

To avoid that nightmare, you need a team.

Listen in to hear Danny Schulz from Sun City Church in Spokane Valley, WA share the three most effective online strategies he used to recruit a launch team.

Stop Hatin’- How to Make Sales & Marketing Love Each Other

Marketing and sales usually operate independently, but they share the same basic goals.

We recently sat down with Karim Hafez, Director of Enterprise Sales for DoubleDutch, to talk about how to better align your company’s Sales & Marketing efforts. Click here to gain instant insight.

Everything You Need to Know About Church Staff Hiring

One of the biggest mistakes in church planting is hiring any warm body just because you need help.

In this episode you’ll hear Jim Essian, lead pastor at The Paradox Church in downtown Ft. Worth, tell you the first role you should hire and explain whether or not you should hire within your church.

How to Grow Beyond 200 Regular Attenders

Up until about his church has about 200 attenders, a pastor can power through with passion or talent. But if he wants to grow beyond that, he’s going to need some help.

In this episode, Michael Lukaszewski, Founder and CEO of Church Fuel, shares some practical tips for numerical church growth . . . and gives a bold message to those who say church numbers don’t matter.

The Forgotten Benefit That Every Conference Offers

Conferences are not just about the speakers.

Speakers are great, but attendees have the unique opportunity to network with thousands of their peers—something that may only happen once a year.

In this episode Dan Franks, co-founder and co-organizer of Podcast Movement, shares how to get the most out of every spare minute of your next conference.

How to Triple Your Customer Referrals This Week

Cold calling might get you one or two meetings out of a hundred. But warm intros and referrals? You’ll probably meet with at least 80% of those prospects.

We interviewed Bubba Page, founder of Outro, and learned an effective way to get more customer referrals in a fraction of the time—making your job 10 times easier.

A Lesson on Jealousy From Matt Chandler’s Roommate

Dr. Steve Bezner, Senior Pastor at Houston Northwest Church, was Matt Chandler’s college roommate—so he’s qualified to talk about dealing with envy.

In this episode you’ll hear his story straight from the mouth: how he bought into his own hype, felt the cancer of jealousy grow, and eventually, by God’s grace, came to understand that Jesus is enough, period.

How to Send Cold Emails That Don’t Suck

We all know what a bad cold email looks like: they’re long, wordy, and self-absorbed.

Emails that intrigue, on the other hand, are personal, friendly, and inviting.

Wanna learn how to write an incredible cold email that actually gets your prospect to respond? Click here.

3 Major Obstacles That Church Planters Face

Overcoming the odds is something church planters do daily—especially in a town like Los Angeles.

In today’s episode, Casey Bombacie talks about overcoming the American siren song, figuring out if church planting is your promised land, and learning what true blessing is.

5 Ways to Get a Meeting With Anyone

This post is based on an interview with Stu Heinecke, a Hall of Fame-nominated marketer and the author of How to Get a Meeting With Anyone.

We discuss how he and his clients have secured meetings with hundreds of VIP prospects using an approach called “contact marketing”.

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