Stop Asking Google, Ask People [Podcast]

Ever have a specific question that Google can’t even answer?

Stop asking search engines and start asking real people.

James and Sean discuss the variety of ways to use Quora, from market research to reputation management.

12 Gary Vaynerchuck Quotes to Inspire You Towards Greatness

These our are favorite quotes from the entrepreneur, speaker, writer, angel investor, and venture capitalist Gary Vaynerchuk.

Sending Invoices Just Got Way Easier [Podcast]

Most accounting software is really hard to use.

Today, James and Sean discuss Wave, a free tool that helps you send invoices and manage your accounts receivable from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Publishing to LinkedIn

4 Compelling Reasons You Should Be Publishing Content on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can sometimes feel like just another social network you have to keep up with. Currently, the average post on LinkedIn reaches professionals in 21 industries across 9 countries. Now that’s a network to tap into!

If that’s not enough, here are four more reasons you should be publishing on LinkedIn.

How To Put Your Bookkeeping On AutoPilot [Podcast]

As a business owner, keeping track of your company’s books can be incredibly painful.

Scouring through your bank statements, reconciling expenses from months ago…the number crunching can make you rip your hair out.

Today James and Sean discuss why will take all of your bookkeeping headaches away.

How to Get Hot Leads Sent Directly to Your Inbox [Podcast]

Sales prospecting is really hard.

Then converting those prospects into hot leads for your business…well that’s even harder.

In this episode, James and Sean discuss LeadFuze, a done-for-you B2B lead generation service that actually works.

How to Get Your Audio Content Transcribed [Podcast]

Tired of getting inaccurate transcriptions?

Transcriptions put your audio content into SEO friendly written content for your blog.

James and Sean discuss how to get professional transcripts using Rev.

email marketing

12 Minor Changes That Will Transform Your Email Marketing

Sometimes changing your email campaigns or strategy can seem like a daunting task.

Making a few small adjustments to your email marketing campaigns can help you see big results!

Never Search for a Blog Post Again [Podcast]

There’s so much good content to read online that it makes it tough to keep up.

Even when you subscribe to a blog, it takes a lot of time just to sift through your email inbox to find it.

James and Sean discuss how Feedly gives you an easy interface to keep up with all your favorite blogs in one place.

Qualified Freelancers Without All the Hassles [Podcast]

Don’t menial, repetitive, time-consuming yet essential tasks always slow you down?

There are so many ways to streamline different tasks that you as the business owner should not be doing.

James and Sean unpack how Upwork freelancers make your you so much more productive.

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