Weakness: A New Seat of Leadership

Millennials have no patience for “holy” pastors. If you aren’t appropriately transparent, they’ll sniff it out right away.

Hear Chuck’s wisdom on how much to share from the stage and, more importantly, why you should share it in the first place.

How to Plan an Entire Year of Sermons in 3 Hours

With the new year approaching, you have a choice: plan your year ahead of time or scramble week-to-week.

Listen in to hear how Justin Fordinal from BridgePoint Community Church in Cypress, TX planned out his entire 2016 year and how it could save you a ton of headaches too.

Are You Leading Your Church With Vision or Anti-Vision?

In this episode, Mark Southtalks with the Kenny & James about “vision vs. anti-vision” in church planting motivations.

One is God-given and comes from love; the other comes from rivalry and a “hero complex.”

He also shared five awesome questions to help planters assess their church planting motivations.

When is it Time to Restructure Your Church’s Leadership?

True gospel-centrality, and the right approach to leadership, can breathe life into a church.

Jay Mathis was the lone pastor of a small church in Waco, but when he put a mantle of leadership on other men, trusting them to share in his control, the church turned a corner.

How to Replant an Established Church

After the church’s founding pastor left to plant another church, Chris Rich was suddenly in the position of lead pastor at Damascus Road Church in Marysville, WA.

Hear how Chris had to change his view of the church from “established” to “replanted.”

How Every Church Planter Can Avoid Burnout

The typical church planter is tenacious, zealous, and energetic. These qualities help get the church off the ground—but they also lead to burnout.

Listen in to hear how Danny handled a personal and spiritual collapse that brought his faith to the brink and back again.

What is Plant Better Podcast?

What is Plant Better? We’re glad you asked.

In this first episode, James & Kenny explain why they launched the show, the format of each episode, and 3 reasons church planters should listen.

Why You Should be Turning Your Small Business Into a Media Company

In order to run with the big dogs in the market, content creation is an absolute must for small businesses. Turn your small business into a thriving media empire with this simple process.

The Ultimate Content Marketing Reading List

This ultimate reading list of 18 content marketing articles will give you a better understanding of best practices and helpful hints to step up your business’ content marketing strategy game.

13 WordPress Plugins Every Business Owner Should Be Using

WordPress can be incredibly difficult to navigate. Many plugins are clunky and inefficient.

So we put together a list of 13 great Wordpress plugins that every business owner should be using to get the most out of the platform.

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