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B2B Prospecting: How to Sell The Meeting Before You Sell Your Product

Cold calls are often answered with aversion.

Prospects zone into the yes/no script, itching for the moment they can hang up the phone. So how does a SDR break through?

Learn the secret to getting your prospects to talk to you and how to overcome objections.

What is Content Activation?

Only 30% of content produced is actually being used.

Content waste is costing companies, so how can marketers start producing content that both salespeople and customers can actually put to use?

The short answer: Content activation.

A Daily Sales Podcast That You’ll Love

Why do we consume content?

Because we’re hungry to learn.

In this episode, learn several tips on how content can help turn you into an industry celebrity, motivation, and mentoring from a sales podcast host.

3 Rules to Creating Your Own Business Category

Sometimes, the existing market doesn’t lend itself to the category of your product or service.

In that case, you might have to branch out and create your own category.

In this episode, we talk about the unique challenges of working outside of established business categories and how to successfully meet those challenges.

10 Lessons Learned from a 20-Something Sales Manager

If the general rule for sales managers is to have 10+ years experience, then Kevin Chiu is the exception.

Kevin joined his company as a 20-something sales manager with little experience and an insatiable hunger to learn.

Learn the 10 lessons this young sales manager learned early.

What Do You Do With Your Customers that Love You the Most?

An email from a company tells you about their great product, but a coworker tells you about a lousy experience with that same company and/or product.

How to Leverage Account-Based Marketing in New Categories

There is no playbook when entering or creating a new industry.

This is where account-based marketing offers up unlimited opportunities.

Learn about several of these opportunities in this episode featuring Anthony Kennada from Gainsight.

How to Turn Customer Churn Into Customer Upgrades

Customer success teams are built to serve and sales teams are built to sell.

Instead of being at odds with one another, align them in a way to create a dream team.

Learn how to maximize the relationship between the two to avoid customer churn.

How to Solve the $14 Billion CRM Debacle

The right way to do things is to use selling tools (phone, email, etc) to connect with your customers, but if you don’t have a method of logging all customer communications, you’re leaving deals and money on the table.

How to Build a Sales Compensation Plan (4 Things You Need to Know)

Building out a sales comp plan can be tricky business.

There are a number of variables to factor in to keep your best reps happy and hungry.

Learn the four must-know parts of a knockout sales comp plan.

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