Get 10k followers on LinkedIn in less than 6 months

I reached 10k follower in five months.

It’s not “game-changing” growth but it has had an impact on my personal brand and Sweet Fish’s bottom line already.

I’m not offering any secrets.

Just the advice, principles, and types of content that worked for me. [Spoiler Alert] It still took a lot of time and effort, but if you would like to reach 10k in a few months and not years you might want to take a peek.

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Dan is the Director of Audience Growth at Sweet Fish Media. Equipped with his MBA and a career that has crossed design, technology, marketing and education, Dan is ready to teach others how to grow their businesses in a digital age. He’s an avid runner, yerba mate drinker, and resides in Minneapolis with his wife, two princesses, and a cowboy.

What you'll learn:

How to Make Content That Wins

Discover how to create content your ideal buyers will love. It's not a magic trick but there are a few mistakes a lot of people make over and over again.

Engagement & Growth Tips

There's a few critical elements to getting seen and it starts with how to engage other peoples content.

Profile Optimization

How do you position yourself as somebody people want to connect with? Find out in the third video that covers the most critical parts of your profile.