7 Daily Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Develop

daily entrepreneur habits

Let’s face it, building a business is hard.

Taking an idea and turning it into a profitable product or service takes an enormous amount of time, effort and planning. As an entrepreneur, you’ll have your doubts, be presented with countless hurdles and be forced to take risks that make you uncomfortable.

It can be overwhelming at times and leave you feeling unsure of what to do next. However, if you make these seven actions a part of your daily repertoire, you’ll stay at the top of your game and make the journey to success a little less stressful.


Whatever industry it is that you’re about to enter with your new business idea, an entrepreneur must stay up to date on the latest trends in the field.

You can use this knowledge to improve your business practices and stay ahead of your competition. However, don’t waste time scouring the internet for the news you’re interested in. Use one of the following techniques to create a more streamlined reading experience for yourself:

  • Set up Google alerts using industry specific language and have relevant content emailed to you daily.
  • Use the list feature on Twitter to create a customized feed where you can view tweets from industry leaders, publications and companies all in one place.
  • Follow influencers and companies in your industry on LinkedIn. You can customize your settings to receive a digest email of the latest news either daily or weekly.


entrepreneur create content

Before technology, only the rich and powerful had the ability to reach the masses with their ideas. These days, anyone with an internet connection can share their thoughts in seconds. 

Since you’ve decided to start a business, you obviously have some expertise in the industry you’re about to enter… so go ahead and show it off! Use your stellar communication skills to talk about a trending topic in your industry and share your ideas.  

One of the best ways to reach a large number of people with your content is to publish a post on LinkedIn. Here’s why:

  • The publishing tool on LinkedIn allows you to tag your post according to the topic you’re discussing, which helps you to build a more targeted audience. For instance, if you tag the post with the word, “technology,” it’s likely that people in the tech field will stumble across your post.
  • Publishing content on LinkedIn puts your name in front of potential professional connections.  If someone enjoys your article, they might check out your profile, subscribe to your posts or maybe even request to connect with you. Our founder James has some great examples of this on his LinkedIn profile


entrepreneur linkedin

Since social media is the primary platform for information sharing and communication today, you need to use it to promote yourself and your business. Join discussions with other professionals on Twitter, leave insightful comments on industry leaders’ LinkedIn posts or check in with clients on Facebook.

Being active online gives you the opportunity to show others your value, increase awareness of your brand and establish meaningful connections. Carve out time every day to post something on one of your accounts.


Anyone who wants to be successful in their career as an entrepreneur needs a solid network, and this is especially true for entrepreneurs looking to get their business off the ground. Take time each day to build your network or connect with someone already in your professional circle.

Schedule a meeting with a potential investor, seek advice from your mentor, or talk to a client about their experience with your product or service. Keeping the lines of communication open and the relationships strong will only help you moving forward.


Staying ahead in business today means constantly learning and expanding your skill set. Think about what would enhance your business and figure out ways you can make it happen. Maybe you want to learn the fundamentals of accounting or brush up on your design skills.

There are plenty of free online courses through websites, like Alison, where you can learn about a variety of topics that will help you in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Dedicate time to learning something new or improving upon skills that you already have. This will ensure that you and your business remain valuable as technology continues to evolve.


entrepreneur finances

Starting a business takes careful planning and calculated risks. Spend some time going over your budget and make sure you are spending your money wisely. You’ll need to have enough money to get your company started and enough to support yourself until your business becomes profitable.

One way to be responsible and keep your money organized is to use an app like Mint. This online money manager allows you to create budgets, pay bills and check your credit score all in one location.


As you continue to expand on your original idea and your business begins to develop, you will need to re-adjust your master plan. It is important to frequently evaluate and tweak your goals – both short term and long term.

Create a list of what you want to accomplish as an entrepreneur and aim to spend a few minutes each day brainstorming new or better ways to achieve those goals. Could you be doing things more efficiently? Should you devote more attention to a certain aspect of your business over another?

Think critically about every choice you make and how it is going to affect your career in the long run.


Now that you have these seven tips, it’s time to put them to use. Get up early each morning and strive to use your time and your resources wisely.

At the end of the day it is only you who has the power to dictate where your career will go. So make a plan, take action and do whatever you need to do to propel your business forward.


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Rachel Voorhees

Rachel Voorhees is young freelance writer with a passion for storytelling, music and social change. The New York native earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Adelphi University in 2014 and is currently a contributing copywriter for their marketing department.

Posted on September 28, 2015 in Content Marketing, Small Business Tips, Social Media

Rachel Voorhees

About the Author

Rachel Voorhees is young freelance writer with a passion for storytelling, music and social change. The New York native earned a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Adelphi University in 2014 and is currently a contributing copywriter for their marketing department.

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