Authenticity. Stories. Passion. The 3 Most Underrated Tools in Business

Crazy authenticity is snapping a selfie of your family at the beach and emailing, “I’ll get back to you monday!” to a prospect.

Incredible story is saying, “I do this because it helped me overcome stuttering.”

Insane passion is when you can tell a prospect, “I’ve been doing this exact thing since I was 13.”

Someone who can say all three: Trevor Rappleye CEO and Founder at, a national video production firm helping businesses tell their story and drive profit with Video.

Trevor joined us on this episode to discuss the most underrated tools in business, and how you can use them to leverage your competitive advantage.

We discuss:

Doing the unscalable (so you can scale)

Finding what no competitor is doing, then doing it

Creating a sales team that’s drastically different than every other team in your space

How sales don’t close because buyers don’t trust the seller

Being memorable and authentic, and showing your passion

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Posted on June 13, 2019 in B2B Growth

James Carbary

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James Carbary is the founder of Sweet Fish Media, a podcast agency for B2B brands. He’s a contributor for the Huffington Post & Business Insider, and he also co-hosts a top-ranked podcast according to Forbes: B2B Growth. When James isn’t interviewing the smartest minds in B2B marketing, he’s drinking Cherry Coke Zero, eating Swedish Fish, and hanging out with the most incredible woman on the planet (who he somehow talked into marrying him).

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