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#CX 24 – Is Your LinkedIn Prospecting Helping or Hurting?

In this episode of the #CX series, Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist at BombBomb, shares what he learned from the LinkedIn community about how people react and respond to unsolicited pitches in LinkedIn messages.

#HowToPodcast 10: The 3 Qualities Every Podcast Host Must Have

On this #HowToPodcast episode, Logan Lyles, Director of Partnerships at Sweet Fish Media, gives us the 3 top things to look for in every podcast host.

How Sales and Marketing Leaders Can be

In this episode we talk to Nimmy Reichenberg, Chief Marketing Officer at Siemplify.

Calling BS on ABM

In this episode we talk to Latane Conant, Chief Marketing Officer at 6Sense.

#AI 6: Consumer Brands Use AI to Further Engagement

In this episode, Samantha Stone talks to Claudine Bianchi, CMO at zoovu about a new frontier in digital engagement: AI-driven conversations.

How to Close the Gap Between Strategy and Execution

In this episode we talk to Christine Bottagaro, Chief Marketing Officer at Upland Kapost.

#BehindTheCurtain 3: There’s No Perfect Content. Just Post It.

In this episode of the #BehindTheCurtain Series, James & Logan share conversations and thoughts on what is making us tick here at Sweet Fish Media.

Why Assembly Line Marketing Must Die

In this episode we talk to Daniel Incandela, Chief Marketing Officer at Conga.

Tired of Hearing About Branding? Too Bad

In this episode we talk to Joe Morabito, Founder, CEO and President at Paragon Global Resources, Inc..

If Everyone is Creating Content, Who is Consuming?

In this episode we talk to John Golden, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Pipeliner CRM.

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