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4 B2B Sales Secrets to Winning Over Skeptical Prospects

Most likely, your salespeople talk more about your business than the prospect’s problems. Business owners don’t want to be pummelled with numbers and technical talk: they want you to solve their problems.

After interviewing Matt Remuzzi, founder of the bookkeeping service and exceptionally good at closing deals, we came away with four things your salespeople can do to turn prospects into customers.

A 4-Part System to Mastering the Complex Sale

Every sales process has underlying assumptions.

Your sales team must assume the customer either understands their own problems fully, partially, or not at all. The question is, are those assumptions correct?

If we take a minute to follow his historical outline, you’ll be able to see whether your sales process is stuck in the past—or ready to address the modern customer’s needs.

How Pastors Can Be 10X More Active on Social Media

Pastors: How to Be 10x More Active on Social Media (In Less Than 10 Minutes/Week)

The reality is that over half of America has a profile on a social network; even 30% of people 55+ have profiles. And many people don’t just view social media sites—they live in them. 23% of Facebook users check their account at least five times a day.

All this makes social media a vital realm for pastors to shepherd their people through. If people are giving so much attention and authority to social media, pastors shouldn’t neglect to enter the stream and inject the Gospel in front of roaming eyes.

Wordpress Plugins for Real Estate Agents

7 WordPress Plugins Every Real Estate Agent Should Be Using

Content marketing is seriously effective for real estate agents (and you can prove it).

If you can establish yourself as a trusted individual or agency that provides helpful resources to your community, people will line up to work with you. And creating helpful content is the best way to earn trust.

So for the real estate agent (or any other entrepreneur), these 7 WordPress plugins are pure gold. Every WordPress site should be using them.

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