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Everything You Need to Know About SEO (in one WordPress plugin)

SEO is actually the Latin word for “confusing, hard to understand internet rule system”! It certainly feels that way sometimes, but the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO is an amazing tool to get the basics down while keeping your sanity.

James and Sean review why its such an easy plugin to use and why its so important to focus on SEO.

A Proven Method For Getting More Readers to Share Your Blog Posts [Podcast]

Your blog posts shouldn’t look like a novel; taken up by an overabundance of text. While visual content is sometimes tough to produce, Click to Tweet is an awesome way to add a variety of imagery to a post.

See why this free WordPress plugin from CoSchedule is one of Sweet Fish’s favorite tools.

How to Make Ugly Links Pretty [Podcast]

How in the world can you only use 140 characters to create a social update with a link in it? You need a link shortener in order to save precious space, make your update more visually appealing and track your links performance!

Bitly is your free and easy-to-use solution for link shortening on your desktop or mobile device.

Kiss Your WordPress Headaches Goodbye [Podcast]

Ever spend an hour trying to get a WordPress edit just right? Only to have it look no better when you’re done with it (or worse, break something else)?

Entrepreneurs can now rejoice with an affordable, no-hassle way to get your small WordPress edits completed: WP Curve.

3 Ways to Use Surveys For Your Business [Podcast]

James and Sean discuss strategies for using surveys to help you better understand your staff, your customers, and your prospects.

Marketing Automation That Doesn’t Suck [Podcast]

Think about your email marketing for a second. Are you cringing with pain yet?

Now imagine your email marketing without all of the hassles.

James and Sean discuss what awesome email marketing automation actually looks, discussing some of their favorite features from Drip.

How to Save Thousands of Dollars by Recording Your Mileage [Podcast]

You’re probably dropping the ball when it comes to tracking your mileage.

James and Sean review an app that will ensure you never miss out on another opportunity to write off your business mileage: MileIQ.

How to Manage Your Social Media in Under an Hour a Week [Podcast]

Ever wonder how successful brands get their act together on social media?

In this episode, James and Sean review a social sharing tool called Buffer.

They do a deep dive into the app and explain how they use it to schedule their social media posts, measure analytics, and curate great content.

Tick Tock Intro [Podcast]

James and Sean share the vision for the Tick Tock Podcast and why they wanted to start a podcast dedicated to sharing time-saving tools.

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