#CX 10: Is Your Sales Team Hurting Customer Success?

In this episode of the #CX series, Ethan Beute speaks with Nick Hart, a Strategic Customer Success Manager at Outreach, about creating and using success metrics, making better sales handoffs, and ways CS can work better with sales and marketing.

#WhyPodcastsWork 7: You Don’t Have to Know Everything (Because Your Podcast Guest Already Does)

In this episode we talk to Ryan Estes, Senior Content Marketing Specialist at Frontline Education, and Host of Talklaunch Podcast.

How To Stop Committing Random Acts of Marketing

In this episode we talk to Meghan Marks, Vice President of Marketing at Twistlock.

Mentoring the Sales Force to Achieve their Career Potential with Jennifer Linehan

  You can’t always give your people a raise. And you can’t always give them the title they asked for. But through mentorship you can give them a path to those things. A mentor picks up where a manager leaves off. They go above and beyond, encouraging and pushing people, to help them reach their…

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#CategoryCreation 15: The CEO’s Important Role in Category Creation

In this episode John Rougeux, VP of Marketing for Skyfii, chats with Chris Orlob, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Gong.

Aligning with Sales During Your Conversational Marketing Roll-Out

In this episode we talk to Lindsay Kelley, VP of Digital and Content Marketing at Telit.

Building A Sales Team From Scratch, Quickly. What Does it Take? with Sam Blond

  Take it from the professionals. In order to build a dynamite sales team, build it quickly, and built it from scratch, there are some things you have to do. What are they? Sam Blond has some ideas. It’s All About the People Invest EARLY and OFTEN In Sales Operations Do the same for SALES…

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#ContentMarketing 3: Key Tips for All 3 Types of Videos (How to Post, Where to Host)

In this episode of the #ContentMarketing Series, Andy Crestodina, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Orbit Media Studios, Inc. talks to us about how all marketing videos are not the same.

Has Our Crazy American Hustle Turned Into the Unamerican Dream?

Carlos Hidalgo is the son of a Cuban immigrant, marketing veteran, a TEDx speaker, Founder & CEO of VisumCX & Co-Host of the #H2H series on B2B Growth, and now, author of The UnAmerican Dream.

Why Deal Killers Are More Important Than Deal Makers in B2B Sales (Part 2)

In this episode we talk to Chris Voss, Chris is a renowned author and negotiation expert. He is a former FBI hostage negotiator, the CEO of The Black Swan Group, and author of the Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Never Split the Difference.

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