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#AI 7: The Intersection Of AI and Human Interaction

On this episode, we talk with Touseef Mirza, Cofounder of CoreConnect and Adjunct Professor at NYU about the intimate role human interaction continues to play in brand marketing and how AI can help foster emotional connections.

#AI 6: Consumer Brands Use AI to Further Engagement

In this episode, Samantha Stone talks to Claudine Bianchi, CMO at zoovu about a new frontier in digital engagement: AI-driven conversations.

#AI 5: IoT and AI Convergence

In this episode, the CEO of ReadWriteLabs, Philippe Cases, and our host Samantha Stone talk about the implications for a bright future.

#AI 4: Trust, Privacy and the Risk of Using AI Incorrectly

Join our guest host Samantha Stone, Founder and CMO at The Marketing Advisory Network as she talks trust, privacy and regulation with author William Ammerman, Executive VP of Digital Media at Engaged Media LLC.

AI #3: MarTech Data Strategies

In this episode Samantha Stone talks to Chris Penn, Co-Founder and Chief Innovator at Trust Insights where they explore the role of data visualization and our new imperative to team back up with IT.

#AI 2: Facial Recognition Flaws

Samantha Stone, Founder and CMO at The Marketing Advisory Network, shares about what went wrong, and how it was fixed in this episode about Authenticity in the Age of AI.

#AI 1: How to Overcome Data Bias

In this episode Samantha Stone shares the importance of understanding data bias, and how you can avoid it in your business.

Introducing the #AI Series

In this episode, we announce a brand new series with Samantha Stone.

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