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#WhyPodcastsWork 2: 6 Reasons Every B2B Company Should Have a Podcast

In this episode, we talk to Daniel Oyston, Founder and Owner of Content Grasshopper, a full service digital marketing firm.

#WhyPodcastsWork 1: Put a Prospect on a Podcast … and Listen as They Reveal All Their Secrets

In this episode of the #WhyPodcastsWork series, we talk to Elena Hassan, Head of US Marketing at Currencycloud, a fintech platform that enables financial institutions and others to make rapid, smooth, and inexpensive cross-border payments.

How to Start a Podcast for a B2B Brand: A 26-Step Process

We produce podcasts for B2B brands every single day, and we’ve used this exact process to launch more podcasts than we count. So you can trust that what I’m about to show you is incredibly efficient.

Ok, let’s jump into the 26-step process that will show you exactly how to start a podcast for your B2B brand.

How to Do a Pre-Interview for Your Podcast

So you took the plunge and decided to launch an interview-based podcast for your brand.

You chose the perfect name for the show, you had your design team create a really sexy logo, you wrote all the copy for the iTunes description…you’ve been staying super busy ramping up for the launch of the podcast.

Then in hits you….

You have to start interviewing other humans on your podcast, and you have no clue how to do that.

Well have no fear, because I’m gonna tell you the secret to a great interview.

You’ve got to nail the pre-interview.

B2B Marketers: 21 Tools You’ll Need to Produce a Podcast

It’s true that producing a podcast takes a village, but there are tools to save time in the process.

In this article, we share 21 tools that make podcast production a whole lot easier.

12 Ways to Promote Your Podcast Within Your Existing Marketing Channels

Podcast promotion is an art. Good promotion takes a single piece of content and transforms it into bite-sized value bombs.

Building a Podcast Team: 9 Necessary Roles to Produce a Show for Your Brand

Producing a podcast for your brand takes more than a single employee and a microphone. You need a team to produce a show that will produce results.

In this article, we explain the 9 roles you need on your podcast team.

5 Metrics to Measure the Success of Your Podcast (Hint: Downloads Isn’t One of Them)

Any marketing executive worth their weight will be hyper-focused on one thing…ROI.

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