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Following All the Cool Things That Entrepreneurs Do

When Thom Singer started blogging about cool things his friends did, his readership went through the roof. Later, he shifted that idea and put it in podcast form, creating Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do. Yep: it’s exactly what it sounds like. In this episode, Thom talks about his favorite episodes from the podcast, touching on the…

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Everything You Need to Know About Selling on Amazon

When Scott Voelker started The Amazing Seller, there wasn’t much in the podcast space on eCommerce, and specifically Amazon. Now he’s shared the amazing business model of how he sold products on Amazon, and you can learn how to duplicate his success. In this episode, Scott recommended some of the best Amazing Seller content: 1)…

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All Value, No Fluff: The Top Entrepreneurs Podcast

Nathan Latka is a no-nonsense kind of guy. He needed a quick way to learn about as many businesses as possible. So he started a podcast – The Top. Many podcasts think their responsibility is to the guest. Nathan’s loyalty is the opposite: he’s all about providing amazing value to his audience. Listen in to…

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A Podcast for the Not-So-Pretty Parts of Business

Joel Boggess started ReLaunch Show in 2014, but he wanted to frame it a little differently than similar shows.

ReLaunch Show invites people to talk about the not-so-glamorous parts of their businesses. The result is one of the most transparent business podcasts out there.

The Book Podcast Every Leader Needs to Listen To

When you consider that some business courses cost thousands of dollars, the wisdom and value you get out of a $20 book is almost laughable. Today’s guest is Jeff Brown, Host of the Read to Lead podcast. Up until his early 30s, Jeff basically didn’t read—at all. Now he’s reading a book a week, hosts…

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How Google Solves Huge Problems in 5 Days

The origin of 33 Voices goes back to before the podcast era, in the early ‘90s. Its goal was to make wisdom and mentorship available to anyone who needs it. Today, its co-host Moe Abdou has literally put out thousands of pieces of content. In this episode he shares three of his favorites, covering topics…

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Learn From Successful Entrepreneurs Every Single Day

John Lee Dumas’ podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire, started the way most successful businesses start: he saw a void in the market, and he decided to fill it himself. He wanted a podcast with great business content, and he wanted it seven days a week. So he made it happen. Now, he’s done over 1,300 episodes.…

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