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How to Make Your Brand’s Story as Captivating as Star Wars & Wizard of Oz

Ever wonder what makes films like Star Wars and Wizard of Oz cult classics?

It all boils down to the story.

Learn this 10-part story cycle that differentiates your brand, connects you to your customers, tackles conflict, and comes out victorious.

How to Build a Sales Compensation Plan (4 Things You Need to Know)

Building out a sales comp plan can be tricky business.

There are a number of variables to factor in to keep your best reps happy and hungry.

Learn the four must-know parts of a knockout sales comp plan.

Coffee Isn’t Just for Closers Anymore: 4 Things You Need to Know About Sales Prospecting

Prospecting is a crowded game.

With the enormous amounts of competition for your audience’s attention, you have to bring value and personalization to every interaction.

Learn sales prospecting techniques and systems you can use to stand out in the competition.

How to Brainstorm Your Way to Failure

Only a shocking 30% of B2B marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing.

Why are we living in a data-saturated world, and setting with 30% effectiveness?

Learn how to create a data-driven content strategy so that you’re not merely shooting in the dark with ideas.

5 Things Tinder Taught Me About B2B Sales

When you think of Tinder, do you think of B2B sales?

Well, it did for this guy.

In this humorous episode, our very own Jonathan Green shares the five things Tinder taught him about B2B sales.

A 5-Step Process for Actually Using Your Recorded Sales Calls

Most companies record their sales calls, but few of them are doing anything with those recordings.

Your sales calls hold powerful information that will be able to help future sales reps.

Learn best practices for using your recorded sales calls in this 5-step process.

This Mike Ditka Mantra Positioned Our Sales Team For Success

Think of sales as a game, don’t worry about the commission.

It’s a game that can be played well with the right attitude, preparation, and execution.

Learn how a Mike Ditka mantra positioned this sales team for success.

How to Get Started with Signature Marketing

The average employee sends 10,000 emails per year.

That’s 28 emails per day, or 28 daily impressions that prospects, customers, and users are having with your brand.

Signature marketing is a massive opportunity and an easy win to tackle.

Learn how to get started with signature marketing.

3 Important Elements of a Facebook & Twitter Lead Gen Campaign

Social media ad campaigns work much differently than methods like pay per click.

Each channel pulls a different audience, so you’ve got to be strategic in your approach.

Learn these 3 things marketers must understand about social lead gen campaigns.

These 7 Questions Will Change The Way You Lead Forever

If you can’t coach in 10 minutes or less, you don’t have time to coach.

Managers don’t have time for slow-paced chit chat conversations, so they need to cut right to the heart of an issue.

Learn the 7 questions that will cut to the heart of any issue in 10 minutes or less and make you a powerful coach.

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