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The Secret to Setting Goals for Your Sales Team

When it comes to goal setting, the truth is, the human brain can only process two or three big picture ideas at a time. Nobody is a good multi-tasker, and everybody wants clarity.

You’ve got to establish a strategy to stay on track towards your sales goals and not lose momentum.

It’s time to learn the secret behind setting goals for your sales team.

59% Of Companies Lack This One Thing In Sales | Sweet Fish Media

59% Of Companies Lack This One Thing In Sales

59% of companies lack a well-defined sales process.

Companies are getting so caught up in results, that they are not taking the time to develop processes that will standardize sales for their reps.

Learn the importance of mapping out a well-defined sales process.

How to Get 3 Quick Wins With Account-Based Marketing

Less than 1% of leads turn into customers, but don’t lose hope!

Through strategies like account-based marketing, you’ll be able to start seeing better conversion rates.

If you’re just starting out with account-based marketing, here are a few quick wins to get started.

What a Former Hubspotter Taught Us About Increasing Customer Upgrades

Customers might love your product, but they may not be a good fit for an upgrade.

If you want to accelerate customer upgrades, you are going to have to take a more strategic approach and target a select market within your existing customer base.

Use these three tips to be more strategic in your approach.

Why You Should Stop Using To-Do Lists (And What To Do Instead)

The “hustle” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

We’ve all heard about hustling and working hard, but what about working smart?

These three secrets of time management will teach you how to own your day instead of letting your day own you.

How to Grow Your Sales Pipeline

How to Add Over $1M to Your Sales Pipeline in Less than 90 days (a 12-Step Process)

We’ve developed a 12-step process that will allow you to add over $1M to your sales pipeline in the next 90 days.

A 6-Part Sales Development Playbook

A one-size-fits-all sales dev plan does not exist.

Customized frameworks are required to thrive in everything from marketing specialization to millennial employee retention.

Check out these six frameworks needed to succeed in sales development.

Why You Should Be Running Sales Under the CTO

Sales and engineering teams are constantly pointing fingers at each other for products not selling.

Learn why these teams need to join forces and how to build a sales-ready product by having sales and engineering teams work side by side.

How This Company Increased Sales 300% by Scaling Back

For most companies, the typical trajectory is to launch in a tester market, learn, shift, and slowly expand into more markets as demand increases.

PivotDesk pretty much did the exact opposite. Ginevra Figg transparently shares the story and strategy that lead to PivotDesk’s success.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Product Demos

Is your company completely missing the mark with it’s product demos?

Product demos can be an incredible sales tool, but many companies are making mistakes that squash any hope for a sale.

The inner workings of what makes product demos successful or not is revealed here.

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