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2 Ways to Win the Sale and Make Your Competitors’ Efforts Futile

If you’ve sold in the B2B space for any amount of time, you know that there’s a moment when you realize the prospect is sold—even before they’ve ordered anything.

Sales acceleration specialist Andy Paul is devoted to how you win the sale. And the man knows what he’s talking about. He shared his thoughts with us. Learn more here.

The Moneyball Approach to Hiring Sales Development Reps

Everybody want SDRs who are intelligent and passionate about their industry.

Listen in as Sahil Mansuri, Vice President of Sales at SalesPredict, shares exactly how to go about hiring the perfect SDRs for your business.

The 5 E’s of Social Business

Today, customers are doing their own research, and if they want to speak to a sales rep, they will do so under their own influence.

Jon Ferrara, Founder of Nimble, shared with us a clear formula for being a trusted advisor in today’s business landscape—one that can work for your team, too. Learn more here.

The Sales Stack that Took from 0 to 2,000 Customers started selling in November of 2014. This month, they’re very close to signing their 2,000th account.

Now that’s phenomenal growth.

Mark Kosoglow is Outreach’s VP of Sales. He believes that you can achieve the same growth if you’re using the right sales stack. This post is based on an interview with him where he shares his secret to growth.

How to Structure a Sales Call

Before you ever touch a phone, learn everything you can about your sales prospect.

After interviewing Lonnie Sciambi (a.k.a. “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda”), we map out how to structure a sales call and maximize the effect of every word you speak.

Account-Based Marketing: 3 Elements You Need to Understand

Account-based marketing: defining your ideal customer (including current customers), then targeting your messaging around that ideal.

Click here to learn how to dissect the customers you’ve already won, align your content and messaging, and choose the right channels to find prospects online.

7 Steps to Break Through Any Sales Deadlock

When you face difficult sales challenges, what do you do?

Try harder? Work longer? How about, instead, assembling a cross-purpose team and attacking the problem together?

That’s the idea behind “Dealstorming.” Click here to learn more.

Stop Hatin’- How to Make Sales & Marketing Love Each Other

Marketing and sales usually operate independently, but they share the same basic goals.

We recently sat down with Karim Hafez, Director of Enterprise Sales for DoubleDutch, to talk about how to better align your company’s Sales & Marketing efforts. Click here to gain instant insight.

How to Triple Your Customer Referrals This Week

Cold calling might get you one or two meetings out of a hundred. But warm intros and referrals? You’ll probably meet with at least 80% of those prospects.

We interviewed Bubba Page, founder of Outro, and learned an effective way to get more customer referrals in a fraction of the time—making your job 10 times easier.

How to Send Cold Emails That Don’t Suck

We all know what a bad cold email looks like: they’re long, wordy, and self-absorbed.

Emails that intrigue, on the other hand, are personal, friendly, and inviting.

Wanna learn how to write an incredible cold email that actually gets your prospect to respond? Click here.

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