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5 Tactics to Help Your Team Sell From the “Why”

Great leaders start everything they do with “why.”

Why do you get up out of bed every morning to go work? Why is your sales team motivated to sell?

4 B2B Sales Secrets to Winning Over Skeptical Prospects

Most likely, your salespeople talk more about your business than the prospect’s problems. Business owners don’t want to be pummelled with numbers and technical talk: they want you to solve their problems.

After interviewing Matt Remuzzi, founder of the bookkeeping service and exceptionally good at closing deals, we came away with four things your salespeople can do to turn prospects into customers.

6 Lessons Learned From Sending Over 50,000 Cold Emails

Cold emails . . . most people quiver at the thought of them.

In today’s technology-driven world cold emailing is a common form of introductory conversation, and the majority of marketers do not know how to use it appropriately.

Here is some insight on how to do it right.

A 4-Part System to Mastering the Complex Sale

Every sales process has underlying assumptions.

Your sales team must assume the customer either understands their own problems fully, partially, or not at all. The question is, are those assumptions correct?

If we take a minute to follow his historical outline, you’ll be able to see whether your sales process is stuck in the past—or ready to address the modern customer’s needs.

2016 Content Marketing Predictions

As a business owner, if you’re not creating and promoting quality content, you’re going to start 2016 already behind the online marketing pacesetters.

Take a look at what experts are saying the world of content marketing will look like in 2016.

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