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How to Plant a Church in an Unfamiliar City

Bryan Barley moved to Denver from North Carolina to start The Summit Church. His goal was to join the community instead of showing it how to “do things right.”

Listen in to hear how Bryan and his team settled into an existing neighborhood and put down permanent roots in order to serve it.

What Should a Church Planter’s Day Look Like?

Kingdom work is accomplished not just in lifetimes, but in days as well.

In this episode, Dan Freng from Calvary Littleton in Colorado gives an inside look at how he sets the pace for his church day to day—from missional living, to sermon prep, to answering emails.

Tools for Holding Your Church Schedule Together

What qualities describe most pastors? Wild guess: you probably didn’t think “organized.”

Listen in to hear James talk with Doug Serven about his book The Organized Pastor in one of our most practical episodes yet.

How a Multi-Generational Focus Can Stabilize Your Church Plant

Young, hip churches are all the rage in church planting, but they’re not right for every city’s context.

David Ritchie from Redeemer Christian Church in Amarillo, TX joins the guys to talk about how his multi-generational church is far better than any he had envisioned.

3 Reasons Church Planters Don’t Have Friends

You could always be doing more as a church planter. And the toughest part? They’re all good things you could be doing.

In this episode, Ricky Jones from RiverOaks Presbyterian Church in Tulsa, OK explains why friendship is so vital to ministry, yet so low on pastors’ priority lists.

3 No-No’s of Fundraising

There’s a good chance that you love everything about being a church planter—except fundraising.

Casey is a lead pastor who’s been there, made the mistakes, and learned a ton about how to do fundraising right.

Listen in to hear what to do—and not do—in your fundraising.

Defining and Defending the Vision for Your Church Plant

Establishing a vision is the primary task of the church planter.

Brian Bowman from Valley Life Church in Phoenix shares a lot of wisdom on how to define, and then defend, your vision.

Do You Need to Use a Network to Plant a Church

“Cold planting” is planting a church without a sending network or partner church.

For Fathom Church in Littleton, CO, it worked. But would they recommend it to any new church planter?

Chris Martin, pastor at Fathom Church, answers that question in this episode.

Finding the Right Roles for Your Church Planting Team

Sure, you have to do a lot of things you’re not great at when you plant a church, but if you have the right team, your giftings should complement each other.

Listen in to hear Matt Patrick from The Well in Boulder, CO talk about how having a team is both harder and easier—and ultimately better—than going it alone.

The #1 Reason People Aren’t Showing Up to Your Church Plant

Church planters tend to prepare for everything except recruiting. But people don’t just show up to new churches out of the blue.

In this episode, the guys hear from Dusty Thompson from Redeemer Church in Lubbock, TX. He shares some great advice on how church planters can draw people to their churches.

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