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#ContentBasedNetworking 13: Using Authority Marketing to Dominate Your Niche

In this episode we talk to Michael Greenberg, CEO at Call for Content, and discuss niche B2B digital marketing, marketing spend, authority marketing, #contentbasednetworking, and more.

#ContentBasedNetworking 12: How to Turn Podcast Interviews Into Meetings

In this episode we talk to Chip Rodgers, VP of Marketing and Alliances at WorkSpan & host of the Alliance Aces podcast.

#ContentBasedNetworking 11: How a College Kid Got a Meeting with a Big Shot CEO

In this episode we talk to Josh Steimle, Founder & CEO at MWI & Founder of Influencer Inc.

#ContentBasedNetworking 10: The Unique Campaign That Allowed This Company to Engage 200 of Their Target Accounts

In this episode James talks with Colton Leonard, President of 2Words Character Development.

#ContentBasedNetworking 9: How to Revive a Cold Lead Using Content Collaboration

In this episode we hear from Eric Sharp, Founder of ProtoFuse.

#ContentBasedNetworking 8: How This Host Generated $700k in Revenue From the Guests on His Podcast

In this episode we hear from Chad Sanderson, Managing Partner at Value Selling Associates.

#ContentBasedNetworking 7: Why This Host is Traveling All Over the Country to Do Interviews

In this episode we hear from Chad Sanschagrin, CEO of Cannonball Moments.

#ContentBasedNetworking 6: How to Get a Deal Unstuck

In this episode we hear from Eric Olsen, AVP of Marketing at Helix Education.

#ContentBasedNetworking 5: How to Win Multi-Million Dollar Deals

In this episode we hear from Lucas McCurdy, SVP of Business Relations at Coastal Reconstruction Group. You’ll hear: 1) Why Lucas and his co-host’s INTENT is the true reason their content is mapping to large business opportunities. 2) How to repurpose interviews from industry conferences into video, audio, and written content. 3) How to leverage…

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#ContentBasedNetworking 4: How to Write a Book with 19 Collaborators

In this episode we hear from Scott Ingram. Scott hosts 2 podcasts (Inspired Marketing and Sales Success Stories), but in this episode we focus on another type of content collaboration… Books. Scott shares how he collaborated with 19 different people to create a physical book as well as an audio book. This book collaboration was recently published and…

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