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#H2H 6 : Why Empathy Drives Greater Sales Results

This #H2H segment is an interview hosted by Carlos Hidalgo featuring Michael Brenner, B2B Content Expert, Founder of Marketing Insider Group and author of the new book that is available for pre-order, Mean People Suck: How Empathy Leads to Bigger Profits & A Better Life.

#H2H 5: Moving From “Me First” to “Give First” Selling

Daniel speaks about how sales can get more personal with their customers and move from “me first” selling to “give first” selling and make your marketing and sales all about your customer.

#H2H 4: The Paradox of Potential

This #H2H segment is an interview hosted by Carlos Hidalgo featuring Thom Singer, Keynote Speaker, Event MC, Host of Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast and creator of The Paradox of Potential Workshop.

#H2H 3: Why You Need to Apply Empathy in B2B Marketing

In this episode, we talk to Brian about the need for B2B Organizations to apply empathy in the marketing & sales, if empathy can be taught and why B2B organizations should be empathic and look at the humanity of their customers.

#H2H 2: Developing a Human Culture in B2B

In this #H2H segment we Interview Michelle Burrows, Chief Marketing Officer of Sernova on how to create a human driven culture to build a marketing team and connect with sales.

#H2H Using Humor To Build a Human Connection In B2B Marketing

In this episode Carlos Hidalgo speaks with Tim Washer, Corporate Comedian and Emcee about how B2B brands can get more human in their content by using humor.

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