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Building a Business by Staying Humble and Steady

It took over five years, but Justin Ramb eventually learned some critical lessons in business. Build your team the right way… Keep your progress slow and steady… Stay humble and work hard… Justin is the CEO at BIGEYE, an Orlando-based marketing agency. Listen in to hear him share how recognizing his own limitations opened his…

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3 Ways to Nail Your Job and Meet Way More People

Writers, like professional athletes or musicians, need to practice their craft every single day. The same is true of your own profession.

In this episode Erik Deckers, President at Pro Blog Service shares this and lots of other insights, including how much coffee you should drink (hint: a lot) and why you should fight people to pay for the dinner check.

4 Attributes of a Successful (But Still Likeable) Leader

So much of being a leader is about how you treat people.

As valuable, or as commodities; as knowledgeable, or as nobodies. Your view completely colors the way you do business.

In this episode Nifer Sims, Head of HeyNifer Digital Marketing, eloquently shares the relationship between your view of people and your business success.

The 3 P’s of Entrepreneurial Success

The best way to build your business is to be able to step away from it.

To do that, you need more than a product: you need good people and processes—and just the right amount of luck.

In this episode Mike Campolattano, CEO and Founder of Purple Moon Media, shares the importance of not putting an “i” in “entrepreneur.”

4 Focus Areas for Aspiring Celebrities and Entrepreneurs

From the time he was young, Nick Nanton saw opportunities for success. He learned guitar at 6, and started cold calling people about his music at 15. He learned that overpromising is useless, but that persistence, curiosity, value, and creativity are the greatest ingredients for personal success. Nick is a 4-time Emmy award-winning director and…

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5 Practical Lessons on Success From a Magician/Motivational Speaker

When starting a career, most people only think about themselves.

However, shifting your focus to others might be your most rewarding strategy for success.

Learn five practical lessons that led to this motivational speaker’s success.

How a Defined Workflow Can Transform Your Business

Building a business can be exciting, daunting, and nausea-inducing all at the same time.

The good news is that people have gone down this road before you, and most will share what they have learned.

Learn three rules to launching a successful business, and a story of failure everyone can relate to.

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