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7 Tools to Keep Marketers Productive

Your team has read the content marketing basics and your content distribution strategy is fine-tuned to a razor’s edge.

13 WordPress Plugins Every Business Owner Should Be Using

WordPress can be incredibly difficult to navigate. Many plugins are clunky and inefficient.

So we put together a list of 13 great Wordpress plugins that every business owner should be using to get the most out of the platform.

A Cheap & Easy Way to Create Stickers for Your Brand [Podcast]

In a world where everything is digital, a physical stuff feels that much more special.

Today, James and Sean discuss StickerMule and how they help you create sleek, custom stickers for your brand.

How to Easily Automate Your Follow Up Emails [Podcast]

Consistent follow up (or lack thereof) plagues most entrepreneurs. Most CRM solutions are extremely expensive and adds a ton of unnecessary features.

Join James and Sean as they discuss a solution that enables entrepreneurs to follow up with emails like clockwork, Followup CC!

How to Use Low-Cost Tools to Create High-Quality Webinars [Podcast]

Webinars are being touted as the new way to print easy money.

Problem is they take a ton of inertia to push forward… and sometimes a ton of cash.

Today, James and Sean as they break down exactly how you can use some great apps to create an amazing webinar for your business.

How to Get Featured on Massive Blogs [Podcast]

PR companies usually charge an absurd amount of money for their services.

Most entrepreneurs and startups are immediately priced out and unfortunately left with no public relations strategy.

James and Sean discuss Publicize, a solution changing the way companies approach PR.

How to Make Sense of Your Google Analytics Data [Podcast]

Google Analytics is one of the best reporting tools, but many of us have no idea how to use it. Today, learn how Quill Engage helps put it into human terms!

Create Landing Pages That Actually Work [Podcast]

Good web design is one of those must haves in 2015.

A solid landing page that converts well should be the final destination of any Facebook or social media ad buy.

Today, James and Sean share about LeadPages (and their awesome tools LeadBoxes and LeadDigits) and how you can consistently produce great pages.

How to Take Control of Your Calendar [Podcast]

Email ping pong is the worst.

You need to schedule that sales call, but you really don’t have time to go back and forth with someone to find a day & time that works for both of you.

Today, James and Sean talk about Calendly, a solution to take the control back and easily manage your schedule.

Stop Asking Google, Ask People [Podcast]

Ever have a specific question that Google can’t even answer?

Stop asking search engines and start asking real people.

James and Sean discuss the variety of ways to use Quora, from market research to reputation management.

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