It’s Not About You: Effective Strategies for Better Customer Marketing

In this episode we talk to Peter Ross, VP of Marketing at Actifio.

We all know that customers’ stories help build trust and show value, but marketers often fail at using the customer stories to the fullest degree.

Peter shares 4 steps to make your customer marketing more effective, by actually taking the spotlight off your brand–and shining it on your customers.

  1. Identify your best advocates
  2. Provide a variety of opportunities to activate your customers. Identify the best way for them to share their experience. Hint: It’s not always a case study.
  3. Make your best advocates part of your inner circle. They call it giving an “Actifio Hug” to their customers on Peter’s team.
  4. Encourage referrals for new customers and new advocates to keep your pipeline growing

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Posted on December 3, 2018 in B2B Growth

James Carbary

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