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Kelsie Montgomery


Erik Kostelnik

Erik is an award-winning entrepreneur and sales leader that has founded and scaled multiple technology companies that have lead to hyper revenue growth, major capital investments, and 3 favorable exits.


Paul Fair III

Storytelling isn't my job. It's my art. Don't tell anyone, but people have been paying me to have fun all day. I've worked inside the C-Suite, with Marketing and Demand Gen teams, and all around the Entertainment Industry. I've written for aviation, tech start-ups, and script development.


Sharon Toerek

Sharon Toerek focuses her law practice on helping independent marketing and creative services agencies protect and monetize their intellectual capital, and manage the legal implications of their marketing and advertising work.


  • Why Niches Are Your Agency’s Path to Innovation


Ryan Drawdy

Ryan is Director of Culture & People Ops at Sweet Fish, the host of the #Remote series on B2B Growth, and the author of the dark fantasy novel Canyon Red. He has devoted his life to writing stories that expose the invisible. If a story has ever made you long for something you can't explain, you understand. He's also a proud husband and father.

John Grispon

John Grispon is a strategic advisor and executive coach to dozens of early-stage B2B tech founders. Having been involved in 2 successful exits, He's coached, sold, and led teams to rapid growth in B2B tech startups as well as big firms like Microsoft and Zimmer Biomet.


Dylan Hey

I’m a social media enthusiast who has managed to leverage social media to accelerate my career along with many others. I love helping software companies, CEOs and business owners generate massive returns on social.

Kelsey Kohrs

'Accidental content marketer' is how Kelsey would best describe how she became a Producer at Sweet Fish Media.

Dan Sanchez

Dan Sanchez is the Director of Audience Growth for Sweet Fish Media, a podcast agency for B2B brands. Equipped with his MBA and a career that has crossed design, technology, marketing and education, Dan is ready to teach others how to grow their businesses in a digital age.


Timothy Bauer

Timothy writes and edits articles based on podcasts from B2B Growth, B2B Sales Show, Crafting Culture and many others. He hosts B2B Growth and the Books for Kids Podcast, is the founder of Books for Kids Media and is the author-illustrator of the Billy the Dragon picture books.


Douglas Burdett

Host of The Marketing Book Podcast and founder of ARTILLERY. Most manufacturers with a complex sale make excellent products but struggle with becoming better known, liked and trusted in an era when their customers don’t want to be sold or marketed to. We help with that.

John Belizaire

As a successful CEO and entrepreneur, John has founded, built, and scaled industry leading B2B enterprise software and technology-driven startups that have achieved market leadership, double-digit growth, and enterprise value.

Tim Royan

Tim Royan is a content writer at Sweet Fish and a former journalist.


Blake Bozarth

I help you develop effective, mission-driven leaders who are more connected and committed to your company.

Emily Kingland

Emily writes and edits articles — oftentimes based on podcasts — pertaining to B2B marketing, sales, HR, IT, and even manufacturing. Aside from writing, Emily enjoys hiking, reading, playing guitar, jogging, a cocktail during the day, and spending time with her loving partner and two kitties.


Kenneth Ortiz

Kenneth Ortiz (M.Div., Midwestern Seminary) is the Director of Communications at Cities Church in St. Paul, MN and adjunct faculty at Bethany Global University.

Chris Carolan

Chris serves as the Gulf Coast Sales Representative, Rental Coordinator, and Marketing Consultant for Metals Analysis Group.


Tony Amabile

An Experienced Sales and Marketing professional with a passion for getting things done. I am always looking for new and exciting challenges to tackle with enthusiasm and intensity.

Geoff Bibby

Geoff Bibby joined Zix in September 2003 and serves as Vice President of Marketing.

Matt Burns

Matt’s nearly 20-year journey has taken him around the world, supporting organizations based in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia & South America. In a previous HR Executive role, Matt led an HR team that was recognized in 2018 as the ‘Canadian HR Team of the Year - Retail / Hospitality’, on the heels of their 2017 award for the: ‘Most Innovative Use of HR Technology’.

Kate Marshall

At work: head of content & all that entails, marketer, writer, office hippie, host of the Perks Series on the Crafting Culture podcast.

Ryan Kohler

Founder and CEO of ApplicantPro, a leading provider of hiring software for over 6,000 companies around the nation. As an entrepreneur working with thousands of HR professionals, I understand what it takes to bridge the gap between your organization’s vision and the goals of HR.

Kevin Warner

Kevin is the Co-founder & CEO of Leadium, the industry leader in outbound sales, focused on connecting a talented global workforce to small businesses, startups, and Fortune 500s who are looking to accelerate their growth.