How to Create a Regular Rhythm of Coaching for your Sales Team with Vinay Ganti and Dan Hixson

Some sales teams aren’t even having one-to-ones yet.

No, wait. Not “some.” Ready for the actual number?:  3%

In this episode of the B2B Sales Show, guests Dan Hixson and Vinay Ganti share their research on how companies have generally done poorly in prioritizing the process of one-to-one coaching.

Dan is the National Sales Director of Xvoyant a a sales coaching technology platform embedded in to help create a world- class coaching culture for any sales organization.

Vinay is the Director of Strategic Markets and Business Development for Bridge by Instructure, an employee development platform that combines conversations, feedback, learning, and career development seamlessly to give employees what they need to make an impact.

In this episode, they not only showcase how the few companies who do one-to-ones well have sales teams full of actively growing reps, but also what you can do quickly and easily to implement the process in your team.


Posted on June 4, 2019 in B2B Sales Show


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