How to Create a Virtuous Cycle of Referrals with Damien Greathead

Not all A.I. is about flying cars.

Sometimes, A.I. is about doing the grunt work so humans can do what they do best.

Today’s guest is Damien Greathead, Vice President of Business Development, North America at Receipt Bank. In this one, Damien talks about the true value of accountants (hint: it’s not in putting numbers together), how to create a virtuous cycle of new business referrals, and why “A business is a business is a business” is far too simplistic of an approach for sales teams.

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Accountants are the perfect example.

The true value of accountants is in them telling a story from numbers, rather than manually inputting the numbers themselves.

The latter is what Receipt Bank takes care of.

It’s an intriguing product, but one that took a lot of educating the market to gain traction. In this episode Steve Woods talks with  Damien Greathead from Receipt Bank about how he’s helped people discover the product.

The company’s done it through two primary strategies:

1) Working with the associations and membership groups that accountants are part of.

2) Asking, “What is the real pain point that people are searching for?” Keeping track of expenses, receipts, and what’s claimable is a pain point people are already feeling. So Receipt Bank has designed their content to drive inbound traffic around those pain points.

Anyone out there selling a product or service that requires education before selling? What have you done to explain where you fit into the market?



Posted on May 13, 2019 in The B2B Sales Show

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