Launch Timeline

NOTE: The following is the ideal timeline for a new podcast launch. This timeline is flexible. However, we cannot guarantee a launch in under the 6 week time period. The standard timeline for a launch is 6-8 weeks.

Week 1

  • Kickoff Call- Show name should be finalized
    • Sharing of pertinent files
    • Sync on show Brand Identity direction
    • Scheduling miscellaneous calls 
      • Strategy Session
      • Guest Coordination Onboarding
      • Riverside Training
      • Weekly Check In Calls
    • Voice over option selected

Week 2

  • Moodboard presentation from Sweet Fish Designer
  • Moodboard selection finalized (by end of the same day as the mood board presentation)
  • Trailer Episode recording completed
  • Background music selected
  • Intro/Outro/Ad/Podcast description copy/script finalized and approved 
  • Guest Coordination requests from Sweet Fish team are complete

Week 3

  • Voice overs finalized and approved
  • Voice over + music mixes finalized and approved
  • Trailer Episode Episode Preview is finalized and approved
  • Cover art presentation (cover art ideally finalized by EOD of the cover art presentation)

Week 4

  • Trailer Episode mixed and mastered
  • Headline/Quote Graphics templates finalized and approved
  • Episode 1 recorded with a friendly/pre existing contact
  • Coordinate w/ customer’s design + web team to plan out content rollout 

Week 5

  • Micro Video Frames template finalized and approved (if applicable)
  • Episode 1 Episode Preview finalized and approved
  • Episode 1 LinkedIn Carousel Copy finalized and approved

Week 6

  • Full Length Video Frame template finalized and approved (if applicable)
  • Episode 1 LinkedIn Carousel Template finalized and approved
  • Trailer Episode and Episode 1 assets are finalized and approved 
  • “Soft launch” is an option – this is where the Trailer episode minus episode 1 is submitted for launch

Week 7

  • Customer meets assigned Ongoing Producer
  • Syndication initiation is approved for Trailer Episode and Episode 1
  • Podcast is submitted for launch on major podcast platforms

Week 8

  • Prepare for promotion
    • Rally internal teams for Apple Ratings
  • Handoff to Ongoing Producer complete

Main Factors that affect the progress of a launch.

  • Long approval turnaround time
  • 2+ revision requests
  • Show Name not being finalized by the Kickoff Call
  • Inconsistent attendance to Weekly Check In Check In Calls
  • Key decision makers not attending calls, unresponsiveness, and/or being Out of Office