#ABM 4: 1 Non-Negotiable Every Company Must Have in Order to Nail ABM

“We’re chasing these accounts, and ONLY these accounts.”

“This is THE list.”

It can be hard when you’re moving from an industry focused strategy to an account focused strategy. 

You’ve been trained to go after as many accounts as possible.

Why would you limit yourself to just THOSE accounts? 

Ben Coffee was a guest on the B2B Growth Show recently, and he has made a career out of leading teams that do just that, and he came on the show recently to talk about: 

i. What changes have taken place in the ABM landscape in the last 5 years. 

ii. What it takes to move from an industry-focused strategy to an account-based one

iii. The single most critical thing you need when shifting your company’s direction

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Posted on October 1, 2019 in #ABM, B2B Growth

James Carbary

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