#WhyPodcastsWork 3: It’s Not About the Downloads – It’s About the Target Accounts

We love podcasts around here. Makes sense — we’re a podcasting agency. But don’t take our word on how amazing they are for B2B brands. Instead, listen to Joe Vignolo, who co-hosts his own show called the Sales Engagement Podcast.

He have us 4 convincing reasons B2B Brands should have their own podcast.

Joe is the Sr. Content Managing Editor at Outreach. He’s also an award-winning journalist and was a producer, writer, and broadcaster for Disney-ABC TV Group.

1: Podcasting Fits Around the Busy Life of Business Professionals

Full disclosure: We do a lot of the back-end production for Joe’s show, and we think he’s awesome. Everyone else thinks he’s amazing, too, so we feel justified.

Before joe started his own podcast at Outreach, he was already a fan of podcast shows — he has a 45-minute commute in the Bay Area, so podcasts became his best friend.

From business hacks, to sales tactics, to sci-fi shows, he was hooked.

To Joe, podcasts create an amazing way to capitalize on what was previously wasted time.

That’s what’s amazing about them — they fit into the lives of professionals who want to enhance their business acumen, but don’t have chunks of time to dedicate to books or webinars. But a 20-minute podcast episode? Everyone has 20 minutes during a commute or gym routine.

2: Low Barrier to Entry to Produce Podcasts

Especially for B2B companies, there isn’t an insanely high barrier to entry to create a podcast. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on video equipment, or have a super advanced tech team.

“It’s not that difficult to do. Obviously there are hard parts, which is why we partner with Sweet Fish, but it’s a pretty low barrier-of-entry for what could potentially be a massive ROI.”

We agree with Joe. (We’d love to help you produce your B2B podcast, but even if you don’t want to use us, we have put together a step-by-step list right here for you. Simple, ungated, free.)

3: It’s About the High-Value Accounts:

“We don’t look at the number of downloads. It’s more about engaging our high-value target accounts in a unique way.”

Chances are, if you’re in B2B marketing, you use some ABM within your marketing strategy. Here’s what Joe does incredibly well: He leverages his show to create lasting impressions on individuals within those target accounts. He specifically invites guests on his show he wants to deepen a relationship with.

Say Tina is a decision-maker within one of your target accounts, which is an AI company. Why not ask her to hop on your podcast to share her thoughts about the role of AI in the buyer’s journey?

The specifics and topics may vary depending on your industry and your target market, but the concept is the same: Podcasts work because you aren’t just creating content for your ideal buyers.

You’re creating content with your ideal buyers.

It’s a non-sales, value-added touchpoint with your highest-priority accounts.

And, these people are leaders who truly have things to share. They know how to add value to the conversation, increasing your reach and relevance.

4: Repurposing Content Creates a Continuous Cycle of Content

Here are 3 ways Joe listed that podcasts create an endless cycle of content:

  • You can repurpose podcast content into social media, blogs, animated video clips, memes, etc.
  • It’s a promotion vehicle for itself because it creates a wonderful cycle. When you repurpose content into a blog, you simple link the podcast episode. People read the blog, then want to hear the show, so they click on the link. Back-and-forth, creating an upward spiral of audience.
  • Instantly gives your company (and you) credibility. Joe said he’s had an influx of LinkedIn messages, social media likes, etc., since he started his podcast

The Bonus Unexpected Benefit: Sales & Marketing Alignment

Yes, “alignment” is a buzzword, but it’s a buzzword for a reason. Sales and marketing alignment is so needed, and so rare.

Alignment was an unexpected and welcome side effect from Outreach’s podcast: As soon as sales got wind of the idea they could have a prospect from a high-value account be a guest on the show, it was game-time.

Sales never loved marketing more.

Sales kept calling marketing (which is who produces Joe’s show, The Sales Engagement Podcast), asking to feature specific guests, often from their toughest accounts.

What 1 Piece of Podcasting Advice Would You Give to a Room Full of Marketers?

“Throw out perfection. It’s off-putting,” said Joe.

Podcasting isn’t about being perfect. In fact, when a production is too perfect, it doesn’t resonate. But just when you notice the audio is slightly fuzzy, or maybe there is a little stutter from the host or guest, the audience connects: “That sounds just like that sales call I had this morning….”

Don’t let perfection stand in the way of productivity.

“Just get something out there and start.”

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