Whether you’re in the planning stages or ready to evaluate partners, we’re happy to talk turkey.

Most customers spend between $4,000 and $8,000 a month with us.

Here’s where those numbers come from...

Show Production



The first major price lever is how many episodes your show will put out per month. We advise that most brands run a weekly show.

Show Growth



We can guarantee 1,000 Apple Podcast followers per campaign. This pricing includes ad spend. 

Additional Services

Guest Booking



We handle list building, outreach, & booking interviews with your ideal guests. 

Promotional Content



Our team creates eye-catching content optimized for sharing on social platforms and your company blog.

We’ll recommend the perfect blend of
services to match your strategy & goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can absolutely transition existing shows. Talk to sales about what our process & turnaround time look like to make sure we’re a match.

When you agree to a monthly production cadence, we staff accordingly. You’re not required to record that many episodes, but we’re available each month to support that volume. If you don’t record the full month’s worth of episodes, those additional slots do not accrue as credits for future use.

We have a standard 12-month agreement with rolling renewals of 6 months for continuity of service.

You can add services at any time. You’re able to make other changes to the agreement (like removing services or changing how often you publish) at your time of renewal.

We bill monthly beginning the month of your first meeting with our team. This is a monthly retainer, meaning you’re not billed separately for developing your initial show templates & assets versus ongoing production.

We start all clients with at least a twice monthly cadence (we typically recommend weekly). You’re not required to record and produce episodes, but know that we’ll be ready for at least 2 per month.

Short answer? The development work that goes into build your show’s initial templates and assets takes most actively engaged, responsive clients 6-8 weeks. But don’t look at it as set it and forget it. We’ll continue to fine tune your show together over time.

We’re happy to help breathe new life into existing shows. Many of our clients started a podcast in-house and found that adding a production & strategy partner took them to the next level.