Our “Sweet” Service

If ABM and podcasting had a baby…it would be born here.

You’re ready to start having conversations with decision makers at your target accounts. And since you’re a modern-day Olgivy, you’ve found yourself perusing our Sweet service. 

Peruse to your heart’s content, my friend.

Podcast Launch

This is where it all begins. Your Podcast Launch is like the bag of goodies your vet gives you when you get a new puppy.

The basics are there but with some treats mixed in.

What You Get:

Audio Editing

Audio editing is one of the fundamental services every podcast agency provides. Good audio editing is, however, trickier to find. Kudos to you — you’ve found it.

Our team of experienced audio engineers beautifully edits and mixes even the most cringe-worthy of recordings. Not all heroes wear capes.

Headline & Show Note Writing

When you’ve written as many headlines and show notes as our in-house writing team has, you know a thing or two about what lands.

Attention-grabby headlines. Detailed show notes. All on or before your deadline. ‘Nuff said.

Publishing and Syndication

You don’t want to have to mess around with publishing your episodes or making sure that they’re available everywhere. We got your back.

While you create content with your ideal customers and have incredibly interesting conversations, we’ll take care of the boring stuff. We don’t mind.

Quarterly Podcast Reviews (QPR’S)

You know when you’re mindlessly eating Ben & Jerry’s and look down to see the bottom of the container? It’s so delicious, but if you’d taken the time to notice how much you’ve eaten, there’d be much less regret. (Only happens to us? Cool.)
Anyways, with QPRs, you won’t have to worry about getting too deep into your podcast and forgetting to re-evaluate. Each quarter we’ll discuss what’s working and what could be improved.


  • Call examples coming soon

ABM Podcast Coaching

Your podcast is a goldmine of shiny ABM opportunities. Any one of your target accounts can become a guest, then a friend, then a customer.

With a little bit of coaching, you’ll be locking up those big target accounts faster than flies to a fly party.


  • Call examples coming soon

Dedicated Producer

You’re the star of the show. But every star needs the person behind the scenes to slap them straight when they’re hyperventilating before the performance.

There won’t be any slapping. However, your dedicated producer will be there to advise, support, and make things run smoothly.

Meet Some of Our Producers: