Our “Sweetest” Service

You just hit the B2B podcasting motherload.

Choosing the Sweetest service gives you all the pre and post-production podcast services; content marketing insights; and thought leadership support that you’ve only dreamed about.

Thought Leadership Coaching

Thought leadership. Despite its buzzy connotations, it’s a pretty good gig. However, it’s not as simple as declaring thought leadership, a la Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy. 

You’ve got to be invested in sharing unique points of view, packaging them in a consumable way, and unifying their common undertones. Our insights and advice will guide you on your path to thought leadership mastery.

Booking Thought Leaders

Teaming up with us means you have access to our network of really smart people. Some of them, we might even convince to be on your show.

Before you know it, you’ll have your own relationships with industry leaders and exposure to their audiences.

Podcast Tour

Ready to travel the world… virtually? Getting in front of similar podcast audiences is a really effective way to get traction for your own show.

Leveraging our network of podcast hosts, we’ll get you booked on shows that cover topics in line with yours. A podcast tour is a great way to build exposure and expand your audience. 

Thought Leadership Content

To be seen as a thought leader in your industry, your content needs to pack a punch. Insert: The Portfolio Method of Thought Leadership. 

When we apply this method to your subject matter expertise, you’ll be stacking up fans faster than Drake & Lady Gaga at a rap battle.

Your audience won’t be able to get enough of all the videos, blog posts, and podcast episodes barreling out of your brain — and into their face.

Lead Magnets & Sequences

eBooks suck. Your lead magnets — based on content from your podcast and your unique POV — will be a gajillion times better.

Think more along the lines of well-designed PDFs that take <5 minutes to consume & love. Key insights turned into consumable bites of information. Ya know…the stuff your audience will actually want to read/watch/hear.