Before we launched B2B Growth, we knew nothing about B2B marketing.

Jonathan was an attorney. James did helicopter logistics for NASCAR (yes, that's really a thing). 

So when I say we knew nothing, I mean it.


When we started our business, we started browsing around the internet. And we kept seeing all the smart marketers say the same thing...

They all told us that we need to create really great content that genuinely helps our ideal clients. 

So we scratched our heads a bit, and we said to ourselves:

"If our ideal clients are B2B marketers...and we know nothing about B2B are we gonna create a ton of really great content?"

Then we had our light bulb moment...

Instead of trying to create all this content ourselves, we realized that we should record conversations with really smart B2B marketers.

And boom. Just like that, B2B Growth was born.

But the podcast only allows us to have a certain number of conversations. 

And we want to feature more smart marketers in the content we're creating.

We write for big sites like The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Social Media Examiner, & Chief Marketer. The reason we're able to create such great content for these sites is because we partner with B2B marketers like you.

So this is where you come in...

We figured out a way to create great B2B marketing content...without needing to record a podcast interview.

The process is simple:

1) We send a weekly email to the people that sign up below.

2) In that email, we ask a question related to B2B marketing.

3) We use the answers from those questions to create great content for huge websites.

So why should you sign up?

Because your mom will be ecstatic when you tell her that you got featured in one of the largest websites on the internet.

It's really that simple.