Riverside FAQs

So you’re a guest on a podcast and using Riverside for the first time…

What should you expect? 

There are a few common questions we get asked and with answers outline below. Missing something? Let us know and we’ll get it added to the document. 


What is Riverside? 

Riverside is a web-based podcast recording platform that delivers studio-like quality content without having to be in a studio.

Do I need to have a podcast studio to use? 

Nope! All you need is:

  • A quiet space 
  • Your computer (your phone or iPad/tablet won’t work)
  • Really good internet (try connecting to an ethernet cable)

What kind of equipment do I need? 

The great part about Riverside is that you don’t need a studio set-up to sound studio quality. That said, there are a few things that make you sound the best possible that we HIGHLY recommend. 

  • Headphones or earbuds attached directly to your computer. We do not recommend bluetooth since the connection can be finicky. 
  • A working camera (the one on your laptop works perfectly) positioned so you can talk into it (not to the side).

What should I expect when I click on the studio link? 

When you click into the studio you’ll get to have your own personal video and audio check. You’ll be asked to click if you’re using headphones (which hopefully you are) and give yourself a quick check in the camera to make sure you’re looking ready for your close-up (podcasting is a visual medium now too!)

Why does my image look fuzzy? 

Don’t worry about that. Riverside records locally to your computer so the image can be a bit fuzzy. Once we can get our hands on it, it gets all cleared up. 

Can you take away the sound of my dog barking, a plane flying over or the A/C turning on? 

No we can not. But that’s ok. We’ve all pivoted, lived in unprecedented times and learned every TikTok dance imaginable together…a little background noise isn’t going to ruin anything. 

What do I do after the episode is done recording? 

You’re free to do whatever you have on your schedule next. That said, don’t click out of the tab until the page reflects that your recording has been completed. 

What if I accidentally click out of Riverside after recording? 

No sweat. The recording is done locally to your computer so it still exists on your computer. Let the host know and we’ll get you a recovery link. 

Do you have any super secret tips for making my episode the best? 

You know we do. Here are a few: 

  • Sit up straight and try and keep yourself in the middle/center third of the screen
  • Wear neutral dark colors
  • Avoid wearing flashy jewelry that jangles 
  • Look at the camera on your computer while you’re speaking 
  • Smile!