Logan Lyles

VP of Customer Experience at Sweet Fish Media

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Can B2B Brands Succeed on Instagram?

Logan Lyles

VP of Customer Experience at Sweet Fish Media

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B2B Growth is a daily podcast dedicated to helping B2B marketing leaders achieve explosive growth. Each episode features an interview with a B2B marketing executive or thought leader, discussing topics like: B2B marketing strategy, account-based marketing (ABM), content marketing, marketing technology (MarTech), B2B strategic partnerships, aligning marketing with sales, social media, content creation and promotion, leadership, buyer personas, agile marketing, and more.

In this episode we talk to Brianna Valleskey, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Sendoso.

We discuss:

Why Sendoso added Instagram to their social media mix.

Why Instagram is hard for many B2B brands (and what to do differently).

Some B2B brands that are having success on Instagram:

Pendo – https://www.instagram.com/pendo.io
Sigstr – https://www.instagram.com/sigstr
KC Public Relations – https://www.instagram.com/kcpublicrelations/
Gong – https://www.instagram.com/gong.io/

Check out what Brianna & the Sendoso team are up to on Instagram here:


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