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Proven Strategies to Make Cold Calling Work For You

James Carbary

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Cold calling isn’t dead. Yeah, it came as a shock to us too. Picking up the phone and calling potential clients has been deemed archaic in most industries today. Because of how quickly we can reach mass numbers of leads online, phone calls have gained the rep for dominating too much time in our work day. The truth is, 92% of customer interactions happen over the phone, and that statistic is not something to be taken lightly. Matthew Pell, Founder of Seacliff Sales Accelerator, recently talked to us about how cold calling has benefited his clients in growing their sales without hiring new employees. He shared some of that secret sauce with us.

Get the Green Light and Don’t Give Up

Typically, the cold calling dance involves you (the seller) doing research on prospects and blindly reaching out to people who may have never heard of your product. A great way to have a higher success rate is to flip that idea on its head. Look at the people who have researched you.

If someone has viewed your LinkedIn profile, take that as a green light to reach out to them. People that view your LinkedIn profile are prime prospects for cold calling.


Matthew Pell says these calls are almost always well-received. But, as we all know, there are many times that cold calls are not well-received. Sometimes you get hung up on, receive no call back, or are given the stern “NOT interested.” In order to be in the cold calling game, you must make it a discipline.

DiscoverOrg says that 78% of decision makers polled have taken an appointment or attended an event that came from an email or cold call, and TeleNet and Ovation Sales Group found that it takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect. What we need to take away from these numbers is that patience pays off.

Dedicate a specific time window every day or every week for cold calling and stick to it.

You will begin to discover patterns of what works and what types of people are your best targets. For example, Matthew says he’s seen a lot of success with radiologists and police departments- professionals who aren’t frequent emailers, but make for great cold calling prospects.

Have The Right Mindset

There is a shift happening in sales: from pushing products to building relationships.


This shift is requiring a change in mindset for salespeople. It’s necessary for sales representatives to look at hurdles or negative reactions from prospects as learning and growth opportunities.

Matthew calls this the Growth Mindset. He describes this mindset as not feeling stuck in your work, but trying to learn and become better in everything you do.

If someone gives you a hard time, continue to be kind and generous to them. Make people laugh and share a genuine person-to-person connection.

If you are managing a sales team, open up conversations to celebrate the successes of sales reps in your organization. This will provide an encouraging opportunity for people to learn from their colleagues and grow together as a team.

If you are leading a sales team, check out our post on a 4-Step Process That Turns Your Sales Development Reps into Appointment-Setting Machines. You won’t regret it.

The System To Making Things Happen  

When Seacliff Sales Accelerator is consulting a company struggling with their sales numbers, they walk through a systematic process to discover how to best maximize sales without having to hire new employees:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the product and market.
  • If sales successes exist, why were they were successful?
  • What tools are being used and how well do they work together? Maximize efficiency where possible.
  • Discover what metrics you want to track in order to measure failure and growth.


Cold calling doesn’t have to be a lost art if you take the right approach.

Learning to make it a discipline, approaching your customers with the right mindset, and maximizing growth potential by tracking metrics is the secret sauce to cold calling success. Now pick up the phone and get to calling!

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