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The Secret to Jaw Dropping Engagement Rates

James Carbary

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In this episode we talk to Jamie Walker, Head of Marketing at Synthio.

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About Synthio

Welcome back to the B2B Growth Show. We are here today with Jamie Walker. She is the Head of Marketing at Synthio. Jamie, how are you doing today?

I’m doing well, thanks. How are you?

I am fantastic. So Jamie, before we dive into the topic today, we’re gonna be talking about the secret to jaw dropping engagement rates, which I think every B2B marketer listening to this is gonna be on the edge of their seats wanting to know what the secret is. But before we dive into that, tell us a little bit about Synthio and what you guys are up to over there.

Definitely. Synthio is a new customer data platform that helps B2B marketing and sales teams get to the right people faster. What that means for marketers, is we do things all related to data. We help marketers keep their data clean, compliant, and accurate for an ongoing basis. So, we’re more of a data management platform.

Put Your Humanity on Display

I love it. We’ll just jump right in. I don’t want to keep people waiting too long to figure out what is this secret to jaw dropping engagement rate. And as we were talking offline, the secret is really adding the human element to this, to all aspects of our messaging. Can you kind of break down what does that look like? How has that manifested itself in your efforts at Synthio?

Absolutely. So yeah, the secret is actually really simple. It’s just being more human-like. And I think we’re all kind of caught up in this world, this digital world, which is amazing and it’s amazing how you can get your message across but it’s also really, really busy, and everyone’s trying to get their message through. And they’re having a really hard time doing that, and you’re using digital tools to do that because that’s what we’re supposed to do. So, yeah, the secret I say is adding that human emotion I think. If you remember before all these great tools and the digital era was kind of brought up, we had to rely on our one to one communication with people to get our message and our product or our service across to them. And so, it’s really adding that one to one communication back into play and I think that’s a little bit more challenging for marketers because we’re generally one to many. We’re not used to doing that one to one.

But, no, there are certain tactics if you think about … if you think about ABM. You know, ABM, we’re really focusing on. We’re trying to get more granular with our targets so that really helps from a marketing perspective looking out on how you can do that because you’re not really focusing on it a lot, you’re really focusing on that top percent of accounts you’re trying to go after. So, one of the ways-

Embrace Video

Got it. So, let’s get into some of the kind of tactical things that you guys are doing to add that human element into it. I know offline you had mentioned video is a big way that you guys are tackling that. Can you expand on that a bit for us?

Yes, absolutely. So, video, video is awesome. I think we can all attest to that. Everyone is seeing it more, around on social media. You’re seeing it more in just other companies in our marketing program. So one of the things that’s important in a video is what we do, and I think this is really important, is we do what I like to call persona matching from internal organizations to external. And it’s a little bit easier for us I would say because our persona is a marketing persona and so it’s easier for our marketing team to align our messages to our external marketers. So, we use video at very specific touchpoints in our cycle to try to get more engagement. Our goal is to get as many people interested in the account as we possibly can. So, we’re not really focused on one. We’re focused on a lot.

We found it really helpful to use video within our content because I think it’s easier for people to connect with someone talking, speaking the same language if you think about it. It’s easier to grasp their attention in 90 seconds than it is to get someone to read a white paper in 15 minutes. So, that’s something that’s been pretty powerful.

Got it. And so, going back to that idea of persona matching, does that mean if you’re reaching out to whatever, director of demand gen, you would have your internal director of demand gen craft messaging that goes to that external of director of demand gen?

Yeah, that’s definitely one way to do it. And I think that would be getting really granular in detail. We’ve just done it to the standpoint … you know, I was previously in a demand gen role so I can kinda speak that language and it becomes easy. But it’s really for us using our department and our resources here for marketing to hone and craft those messages externally. So, it might be a little more challenging if you had, say your persona was more IT-focused. That would be using that example there getting your person who’s kind of internally matching that person you’re reaching, working with them to making sure your messaging is aligned to what they’re actually feeling and understanding. So, it’s hard for a marketer to relate to someone in IT but if you had someone that we use internally, we would be able to understand there more so we could kind of speak the same language. So yes, if you can get down to the level of demand gen to demand gen, if that kinda what works for your business, I think more power to it because I think the more you can align and feel and talk the same talk, the more you’re gonna be able to get that connection and engagement.

And in terms of video, are you guys doing kind of one to many videos, where you’re embedding it in blog content? Are you doing one to one videos? I’ve seen a lot of SDR teams start to use tools like BombBomb or Viewedit from Vidyard to do kind of personalized one to one videos. What kind of videos have you guys seen the best results with?

We are definitely power users of Vidyard. Love that product. So, we’ve been doing, depends on what our outreach is. So, for things like events we do … we do a lot of investment events, we’ve been doing a one to one there. So, I’ve been literally, I myself will get on the video and there will be very specific that we’re trying to connect and maybe come to a party or meet us in a city that we’re gonna be sponsoring an event in, and I will do a one to one to that person. We also, if we’re gonna do it within our content, then that is definitely more embedding it in a blog or in an email, and the message is more about to that audience, kind of the audience, whether it be marketing operations or demand gen. Whoever your targets are.

So, that’s more of a one to many approaches because I think it’s impossible to do everything one to one but I think we strive to do that. We make sure that we’re using our efforts kind of to the best that we can, and so we’ve really seen … I mean the analytics that we can get using Vidyard is amazing, and how you can kind of tie that all back into the whole entire program, like for us, we use Marketo. So, being able to get all of that data is really important for when you’re thinking about really focusing on those engagement metrics.

Put In Face-Time

Okay, so you also mentioned something to me offline, Jamie, about a face to face interaction. Can you elaborate on that?

Absolutely. That’s just as simple as picking up and going to meet your customers in their office or going to take a prospect out to lunch. I know it gets silly, this has been around forever, but really I think we’ve been relying so heavily on upon, and just for time and resources too, on connecting with our audience just digitally. And I think we try to take an approach where, you know, this is very, very targeted. You can’t obviously scale this. That’s too much. It’d be very expensive. But, I’ve literally gone out and met customers. I’ve gone to their office. I’m meeting them. I’m having dinner with them. And that’s just more because I’m a person. I love to talk about it. I love to relationship building. It’s just my nature. I think every time it comes a little bit easier for me to do that stuff but I’ve been noticing in the last six months just from three to five trips that I’ve done how much that has opened up opportunity that I wasn’t even looking for, to begin with, or just helped further pull the engagement down the sales cycle. So, it’s been pretty powerful for us.

Uh-huh. I’m glad you mentioned that Jamie, because we did our first round of B2B Growth dinners, was it last week? It was the week before last. So, I was in Boston, I did like four little events there, two lunches, two dinners. And then went to Colorado and did Colorado Springs and a Denver dinner and lunch. And then came back to Orlando and did another dinner in Orlando. And these were existing customers, prospective customers, just folks that listen to our show. And of those seven events that I did over one week, we added … we’ve already closed one deal out of that and added another six opportunities that will likely close in the next 60 days. And so, that wasn’t even my intent really. I wanted to do relationship building and I wanted to be in front of these folks. I knew that there would probably be an opportunity or two that would come out of it. I was not expecting to see seven opportunities come out of it. And it wasn’t because I was pitching what we do or how we do it. It just naturally came up over the course of conversation with these dinners that I was doing with six to seven B2B marketers, the thing that we do just naturally came up and ended up creating opportunities for us.

So I’m now coming off the heels of that trip thinking how can we double down and do more of these in-person events because I just think there’s a tremendous amount of power. And going back to your point earlier about just it being so noisy, digital is so noisy, and it’s so hard to breakthrough. The more you can humanize whether that’s with video or actually getting face to face with folks and doing something in person, and I love what Drift is doing at conferences where they’re hosting workout sessions for people at different conferences that they’re going to. So, they’re getting … they’re just thinking outside the box in terms of how can they get face to face with prospective customers and not just hey, come to my booth. Are there brands that you’re seeing, Jamie, that do an exceptional job with the face to face interaction stuff?

You actually took the one … the perfect example was Drift that I was going to use because Drift came to Atlanta-

Yeah for the Road Show, yeah.

For the Road Show, and I was like, hey that’s cool. I had never been to a roadshow before but I live here in Atlanta. I was like why not go out Monday night and see … meet new people and kinda see what’s going on there? And I have to say whoever organized that event did a fantastic job and then on top of putting a release … either a product release on top of that and just adding to that as you think about personal brands, adding a personal brand on top of the company brand putting it all together with the roadshow, it was impeccable. If you learned anything from that it’s how can you take something like that and replicate it.

I think that Terminus is in your own backyard, and they’re somebody that we’re working with and I think they’re doing a phenomenal job as well with like the FlipMyFunnel conferences. So, there are a couple of different examples for listeners to kinda walk away with going okay, who are the folks doing this face to face stuff, right? And I just stole your example, but I think in your own backyard, Terminus is doing a really great job with it as well.

Absolutely. They, I mean, I think Sam runs all over everyone. You can see he is a great thought leader on space and he’s definitely … Terminus is a customer of ours, we’re also a customer of them so we’re pretty tight here with that relationship and also living in the same city. So yeah, I think we’re gonna be heading there this year so I’m pretty excited to see kind of how that’s been. They’ve been taking a little bit of a hiatus so, we’ll see how the event starts back up for this year.

I’m excited about it as well. Well, Jamie, this has been fantastic. I’m in total agreeance that the secret to incredible engagement is being more human, and I think you’ve shared some really practical ways that marketers can do that so I really appreciate your time. And if there’s somebody listening to this, they wanna stay connected with you or they wanna learn more about Synthio, what’s the best way for them to go about doing that?

Oh absolutely. So, you can find me on Twitter. My name is @jamiemopa or you can visit Synthio at www.synthio.com for more information.

Wonderful. Awesome Jamie. Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it.

Thanks so much, James.