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5 Things Tinder Taught Me About B2B Sales

James Carbary

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Remember how dating used to work?

You went out, met someone, struck up a conversation, and voila. You fell madly in love and lived the rest of your lives together.

Well, it’s 2016 and dating has changed. The world of online dating that was once frowned upon is now responsible for an untold number of healthy, lasting relationships.

So what does this have to do with B2B sales?

The B2B Growth Show co-host, Jonathan Green, sat in the hot seat to discuss what his recent discoveries on Tinder taught him about B2B sales.

He came away with these five things:

1. Value Proposition

With Tinder (or Twitter or LinkedIn for that matter) your bio is your value proposition. It’s your first impression with someone new, and can make or break the start of a relationship.

Unfortunately, for a lot of people and companies, bios tend to be boring, drawn out, and difficult to understand.

You want your value proposition to be attending grabbing, clear, and contain an element of unique differentiation. In B2B sales, much like Tinder, you need to clearly communicate the value you bring to the table. In B2B sales, like Tinder, you need to clearly communicate the value you bring to the table.


2. Prospecting

Once your value proposition is perfected, it’s time to start prospecting. Finding your ideal customers doesn’t happen by chance; it takes effort, time, and persistence.

If you’re sending out cold emails in huge batches (often in the thousands) and are seeing a low response rate, you’re wasting your resources and your customers’ time.

If you’re not matching with the customers that you want, stop sending out emails and fix the problem. Adjust your value proposition and messaging. For instance, tailor your messaging to a niche group, like VP’s of manufacturing companies.

Equally as important, if you’re matching with too many people, you might be tackling too broad of an audience. Casting wide nets turns into wasted time because they don’t laser focus on the type of prospect who will end up closing.

3. Outreach

Much like how your goal on the first date isn’t marriage, your goal with the first cold email shouldn’t be to close the deal. You need to focus on getting to know the potential customer and establishing an open dialogue.

You want to get them interested, but you don’t want to come on too strong. Keep it clever, engaging, and to the point.

Make sure you listen to B2B Growth Show Episode 14. We talked with Will Dinkel about “How to Send Cold Emails that Don’t Suck.” It’s a goldmine of outreach tips!

4. Call to Action

How many cold emails have you received, read the whole thing, and still had no idea how you were supposed to respond?

In your cold emails, is there a webinar to sign up for? A newsletter to subscribe to? A question asking if the person is even interested in the product or service?

The goal with your call to action should be to create the easiest path for a response. Provide all the information they need, and then lay out a question for them to easily send a response.

It can be something like “Would you like to hop on a call to chat further?” or something as simple as “Any interest?”.

5.  Account Based Marketing

With account-based marketing, you’re taking a much more targeted approach than the “spray and pray” method. This goes for both dating and business. Don’t be the person who accepts any date, or chases any old customer.

Think about the accounts that you really want to connect with, and create a systematic approach to reach those groups of people.

If you want to get a more in depth understanding of account-based marketing, check out B2B Growth Show Episodes 19 & 40.


Whether you’re a business exec, a person looking for love, or both, use these tips to start conversations with your ideal prospects.

All you need to remember is make a great first impression, tailor your messaging, don’t come on too strong, have clear action items, and only go after your top picks.

If you follow these techniques, you’ll come out with a date or a deal in no time.

This post is based on an interview with Jonathan Green from B2B Growth Show. You can find this interview, and many more, by subscribing to the B2B Growth Show on iTunes.