Right People, Right Seats: How to Attract, Retain & Develop Top Talent

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After a year of unprecedented pandemic layoffs, furloughs and shutdowns, something equally unprecedented happened:

Everyone started hiring again all at once.

In a job market with so many options, how do we ensure we still attract and retain top talent?

To help answer that, I’m joined by Francisco (Cisco) Sacasa, CEO at HireBetter, where he has a unique inside-view on the challenges facing companies and job-seekers alike.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why every company is your competitor when hiring top talent
  • Strategies for standing out from the crowd as an employer
  • How to get the right people sitting in the right seats (and keep them there)

Let’s dive in. 

It’s getting fierce

As the charismatic CEO and Integrator at HireBetter, Cisco has been in the trenches with companies trying to navigate the ups and downs of the pandemic and tectonic changes in how people view their career potential and work/life balance.

The labor market right now is absolutely fascinating. From a country-wide shutdown and massive layoffs, the wheel has turned so much that now everyone and their mother is hiring.

An exodus from the service industries and a revolution in remote working has given people the impetus to find and seize new opportunities with a vengeance.

In this atmosphere, every other company is your competition when it comes to sourcing top talent. While offering gorgeous compensation is always a good idea, job seekers are looking for more than just a pretty penny these days.

It’s all about values, culture, and mission. Cisco advises his clients that recruiting has to start right there to have any success.

Catching the millennial eye

We’re all about culture today. A lot of businesses talk the talk, but they’re missing the actual substance.

Not every prospective employee is a millennial, but they can all sniff out when a company’s “culture” isn’t authentic. 

Being true to your values day in and day out leads to honest messaging, and that, more than anything else, will lead star players to you like bees to honey.

From top to bottom, you have to position yourself as an attractive employer. 

Job boards are cool and all, but you need to have a more encompassing and holistic approach to really set yourself apart and get those high performers hyped up about joining your team.

The right stuff

Nothing is more of a buzzkill than recruiting a fabulous person into the wrong role. They’ll be unhappy and you’ll have even more turmoil.

Putting the right people in the right seat is a philosophy that Sweet Fish embraces, and Cisco’s team embodies it to the fullest.

Look at your overall business strategy to help visualize who is more or less likely to scale along with your organization, and leverage that knowledge to craft growth and development plans for your best people.

As a COO, it’s your duty to build development plans, help them understand their career potential, and foster a culture of growth. 

Invest in your people, and love them well. 

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