Finding the Balance Between Empathy & Directness w/ Emma Brudner

Kate Marshall

Head of Content at Zestful

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Crafting Culture is a podcast dedicated to helping CEOs, People Ops, and HR teams create an incredible company culture.

Let’s talk empathy. No, not the warm, fuzzy, share-all-your-innermost-feelings empathy.

The professional, direct kind of empathy. The type of empathy that gets stuff done.

In this episode of Crafting Culture, I check in with Emma Brudner, Director of People Operations at She shares her experience with perspective-taking in professional settings.

Plus, we talk about: Finding the balance between empathy and directness at work How to use empathy to create a more efficient work culture How leaders can use authenticity and vulnerability to be more effective

Check out Emma’s article on, Why You Need to Make an Effort to Be Empathetic at Work if You Want to Be More Efficient.

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