Hiring for Skill vs Hiring for Culture w/ Ryan Kohler

Ryan Kohler

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Applicant Pro

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Crafting Culture is a podcast dedicated to helping CEOs, People Ops, and HR teams create an incredible company culture.

If you want to hire phenomenal people, especially in a tight labor market, you have to lighten your job-specific requirements and focus on skills and values. Ryan Kohler talks about how to make the shift from hiring just for skill to hiring for culture fit.

Ryan Kohler is the CEO of Applicant Pro, an Applicant Tracking System that offers fully-integratable products to boost hiring strategy, including background checks, employee onboarding, and pre-employment assessments.

What Ryan discussed:Knowing what you’re hiring for What culture fit really means Why most people would rather hire for skill than culture (and why they’re wrong) How to research your candidates before an interview Interviewing tips for culture fit The value of hiring for culture fit

This episode is co-hosted by Ryan Kohler, CEO at Applicant Pro.

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