Should Your Employees Trust You? w/ Ryan Kohler

Ryan Kohler

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Applicant Pro

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Crafting Culture is a podcast dedicated to helping CEOs, People Ops, and HR teams create an incredible company culture.

If you want to build an awesome culture, trust is a huge part of it, especially if you’re going to build something unique. Ryan Kohler addresses the need to know if your employees should trust you, not just whether you can trust them.

Ryan Kohler is the CEO of Applicant Pro, an Applicant Tracking System that offers fully-intergatable products to boost hiring strategy, including background checks, employee onboarding, and pre-employment assessments.

What Ryan talked about: Getting burned by an employee Employee referrals in a phenomenal culture Accepting a level of evil Trust and change Why we trust anonymous rants over people we know What your policies tell your employees about how much you trust them

This episode is co-hosted by Ryan Kohler, CEO of Applicant Pro.

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